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(Transcript of PlaneShift Acronym and Slang List)

The purpose of this list is to teach people what common MMORPG and PS words mean, and how to use them. If you have any suggestions to add onto this list, please leave a message on the discussion page. Make sure you are suggesting only MMO and PS-related words! Things like “AFK,” “TY” or “TTFN” don't belong here, as they are regular internet acronyms.

Acronym Description
AB The very first tech-demo, version 0.1, "Atomic Blue".
AC The lastest version of Planeshift, in pre-release testing stage. Version 0.5, "Arcane Chrysalis"
Aggro To lure a monster, to get its attention and make it attack.
AGI Agility. Attribute.
Alt A player's 'alternate' character or characters that they play when they are 'resting' their 'main' character or want to play something different.
Camp To sit in one place waiting for a particular monster or type of monster to spawn.
CB The last version of PlaneShift, "Crystal Blue". It is version 0.3.
CP Character Points that are used during the character creation process to build your toon. Everyone starts out with the same amount, but the different choices you make all have a different CP cost. Those choices influence the stats and skills your character will start out with once he or she is in the game.
CHA Charisma. Attribute.
Devs Developers. Members of Atomic Blue, the team building PlaneShift.
DR Death Realm. Where your character is taken when he or she dies.
END Endurance. Attribute.
Exp Experience Points. Representation of Character's advancement.
GM Game Master. These are in-game moderators and event organizers.
HP Hit Points. Representation of Character's health.
H&S Hack and Slash. Repetitive and long-lasting killing of various monsters.
IC In Character. Speech spoken as if it were your character in the world, not you sitting in front of a computer, to indicate you're behaving from your character's viewpoint.
INT Intelligence. Attribute.
Lag Latency experienced during play possibly because of Internet traffic and breakdowns, server-side problems and/or client-side problems.
KT/KS Kill thief/kill steal, when a player finishes off a monster that another player was attacking.
LD Linkdead. When the server crashes or you get disconnected from the game, we say it's gone Linkdead.
Loot Any items left on a mob after you kill it.
MB A previous version, 0.2. "Molecular Blue".
MMORPG Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, like PlaneShift.
Mob Short for a "Mobile Object". Denotes a non-playable character that is attackable.
MP Mana Points. Like HP, but for a character's ability to cast spells.
mPK Monster player kill, when somebody "aggros" or lures a monster towards another player so that they are killed.
NPC Non-Player Characters you can interact with but are controlled by the game. They give quests, serve as merchants, etc.
OOC Out Of Character. Speech spoken as you, the player. OOC speech is often considered 'second priority' to IC speech, as it breaks the realism of the game world. It is courteous to use square brackets [ ] when you need to talk OOCly ingame.
PC Playable Character. Character controlled by a player.
PK Player Killing. Usually used in a negative circumstance, ie: not during PvP.
PL Power Levelling. Playing for the sole purpose of gaining character's attributes, maxing the stats, and often using the game's gaps to do it as fast as possible.
PP Progression Points. These are used for the theoretical learning of skills.
PS PlaneShift.
PvE Player versus environment. Fighting against a Mob.
PvP Player vs. Player. Fighting against another Player Character.
RP Role-Playing. Playing as though you ARE your character in actions and dialogue.
SB The current version of PlaneShift, “Steel Blue”. It is version 0.4.
Spawns The process of mobs appearing when they are created in the world.
STA Stamina. Attribute.
STR Strength. Attribute.
Wibble PlaneShift's little mutation of “wb”, which means “welcome back”.
WIL Will. Attribute.
WTB "Want To Be" development team members. They work on the dev team just as "full" devs would and have access to everything the others have access to - the only major difference is that "full" developers are also members of Atomic Blue, the registered non-profit organization behind PlaneShift. After a period of dedication and contribution to the PS Team, the WTB can become Official members at discretion of the leader of that department