Amidison Stronghand

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Amidison Stronghand
Amidison Stronghand
Race: Ynnwn
Gender: Female
Location: Hydlaa

This elegant and strong woman has eyes that sparkle with acuity. She exudes experience and wisdom in her bearing. Her finely crafted clothing seems inviting but her demeanor is imperious. Standing at a height of 2.1 meters, her authority is seldom in question. The female Ynnwn can be identified as a Vigesimi by the Octarch's insignia on the ring and necklace she is wearing.

Ynnwn Amidison Stronghand is one of twenty Vigesimi that serve on the Dome level under Octarch Iragdun Salikarios. She is the Vigesimi of Hydlaa and the Eagle Bronze Doors by the people's will in the fourth generation of succession. Her father was the Vigesimi before her, but disappeared when she was still young. Those duties then fell to her. Amidison takes her responsibilities very seriously and feels a strong connection to the people she serves. She views it her duty to understand those she looks over, and to protect them from the vicious creatures from the Stone Labyrinths. In turn, she is well respected by the people of Hydlaa. She has a house in East Hydlaa.