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The current version of PlaneShift, Arcane Chrysalis, was released in late 2009. 


New Features

  • Support for single-player minigames.
  • Minigames now report feedback to the watchers when moves are made.
  • Minigames can now have various boards (White, Black: Plain, Checked)
  • You can now change the colour of Text, Lines and Curves in Sketches.
  • You now enter a special NPC Camera Mode when talking to NPCs.
  • New /drop command. You can drop items, money and specify "all" to drop all items of the same kind.
  • You can specify "noguard" to /drop commands to drop items unguarded.
  • You can use /guard on/off on items to guard/unguard them.
  • You may now need a certain skill (and rank) for picking up items.
  • You can now optionally be notified on guildmember login/out.


  • New additions to the Winch map.
  • A new leather armour for Nolthrir females.
  • A new relighted version of the Akkaio map, because of some problems players had with the road to Ojaveda.
  • New icons for the Sketch Window.
  • A better rotating wheel in the sewers.
  • Fixed many spell effects to work on all supported operating systems.


  • Huge number of Settings related bugs closed.

Changes That Have Been Made


  • PlaneShift now uses the latest version of the 1.4 branch of the Crystal Space 3D Engine.
  • Renamed the updater function CheckIntegrity to --repair.
  • Improved server threading.
  • Various other work.


  • /show_gm -> /show gm
  • /show_active_magic -> /show activemagic
  • /petition_manage > /managepetitions
  • /advisor_list -> /advisor list
  • /advisormode -> /advisor on/off
  • /list_advice_requests -> /advisor requests
  • /advisormode listsessions -> /advisor sessions
  • /advisor -> /help
  • /petition_list -> /show petition
  • /target_context -> /targetcontext
  • /who will now filter for more than one word ("/who game master")


  • All chat types, except chat going to the Main and System tabs, have brackets like [Guild] or [Tell] in the chat logs.
  • Option to display those brackets in-game as well.
  • Options to mix text colours, so for example the colour of whatever chat action you're using is mixed with your own default "my chat" colour.
  • The colour of your own sent chat is configurable.
  • Configurable NPC chat colour.
  • "X tells group: y" -> "X says: y"
  • "Guildchat from x: y" -> "X says: y"
  • "Auction from X: y" -> "X auctions: y"
  • The usage of /me, /my and the usage of those actions within other actions (like /shout or /auction) is now consistent through chatbubbles, chatwindow and logs.

GMs and Devs

GMs vs. Items:

  • GMs can now use /modify to change the transient(disappears after some time when dropped) flag of an item.
  • You can now make items unpickable using /modify.
  • Added /target_name for GM1 and higher to report the names of all targeted items.
  • Using the :area: syntax on a command pops up a window asking if you want to continue.
  • :Area: (apply command to all entities within area) syntax now available for GM2 and up.
  • If you want to pickup non-pickable items with :area:, specify pickupall.
  • GMs can now use /unstackable to (dis)allow stacking of items.
  • GMs can now teleport items though instances.
  • GM2 and up can become guardians of all items, whether guarded or not.

GMs vs. Players:

  • /setskill now shows to the GM and the player what skills where changed and from what value to what value.
  • With /setskill you can use the addition "-1" to get the base skills of a player.
  • GMs can now use /quest on offline players.
  • GMs can now unassign themselves from petitions.
  • GMs can now enable or disable quests with /disablequest.
  • /marriageinfo now also works on offline players.
  • You can now teleport players to another instance by adding "there" to the teleport command.
  • If you give a stack to a player with /giveitem, it will show the amount given.
  • You can now award unlimited experience instead of max 100 PP as before.

GMs vs. NPCs:

  • You can now teleport to an NPC by only specifying the first name.
  • You can now use /killnpc with PIDs again.
  • NPCs can now be teleported while NPCclient is active again.
  • Devs can use /updaterespawn again to change the spawning location of NPCs and across instances.

GMs vs. Various Stuff:

  • GM3 can now morph themselves, but not others.
  • When you morph yourself, your description will also be updated to reflect the race.
  • Many admin commands standardized to work with the default command syntaxes which can be found in help.xml


  • Removing a player from a guild now shows who removed the player.
  • You can now access the Bag window by using a key, default "v".
  • Dying in the Death Realm will no longer reset mana to 100%.
  • Made the modding of various windows easier.
  • Locking of chests now more secure.
  • You can use the # symbol in shortcuts to make comments.
  • You can no longer select a gender as Kran.
  • You will no longer be able to hit NPCs like rats "on the helm".
  • Now bad words filtering is also applied to advice sessions.
  • Instead of /add_ignore and /remove_ignore you now have the plain /ignore command, which toggles ignore status.
  • If you add "add" or "remove" to the /ignore command, it will force that operation. Same behaviour for /buddy.
  • Specifying no name will open up the ignore window.

Bugs That Have Been Fixed

  • Characters' hair will have colour again!
  • Now you won't get invalid pets anymore if you created one when NPCclient was offline.
  • Opening crates/chests does not crash the server anymore.
  • Mana is now properly calculated when under the death penalty.
  • Stamina no longer drops when standing still.
  • Casting spells while running no longer increases stamina.
  • Fixed a bug where weapons would degrade a lot if you repaired them.
  • Fixed the annoying "Map not found!" bug.
  • NPCs will no longer keep rotating/sliding after they've been killed.
  • Fixed a bug where players could end up in instance 0 after a relog even if they were in another before.
  • Fixed a bug where your new position in the world wasn't saved after teleporting or being teleported.
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't be able to trade after you challenged someone who then logged off.
  • Fixed players crashing out of the game due to GMs morphing with active effects (like magic).
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't add items to a container even if the guardian was far away.
  • Fixed an exploit where you could regenerate stamina while crafting.
  • Fixed a bug where an NPC wouldn't respond to certain questions.
  • Fixed garbled movement after using /loot.
  • Your tells will not appear in the chatbubble of the person you're sending them to anymore.
  • Fixed bogus * * being added to /me actions used in /shout or /auction.
  • Fixed the frames-per-second cap to actually work. This has some side-effects though, see new bugs Wink
  • Many other bugs fixed Smiley

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