Black Flame

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The Black Flame is one of PlaneShift's Gods.

Some believe it is an aspect of Laanx's soul. It is said that Dakkru worshipers are charged with helping to combat the influences of the Black Flame.


The Black Flame literally appears as a black flame.


When Talad accidentally disfigured Laanx by channeling too much magical energy in the creation of the Kran, Laanx responded be fleeing into exile in the Stone Labyrinths. During the Third Epoch, Laanx searching within herself, wondering if her former serenity was lost forever. She cast aside her femininity and began to change. Talad tried to approach her, trying to recognize, in the red dressed figure what remained of the beautiful god. But he saw simply an empty dress, and this disturbed him. The more Talad attempted to entreat his former lover, the more annoyed and estranged Laanx became.

After many generations of the Lemur had passed, Laanx wandered into a cave that was hundreds of times bigger than the one he created, where beings without a name dwelt. At the top he spied a huge stalactite that occupied one third of the vault, and which produced a thin rain of clear water. It was the conic block of rock that held Yliakum.

At the middle of the cave, he saw a deep lake full of life, whose shores were a fertile soil. The Lemurs believed that their god had led them to a new home. Their praises and thanks to Laanx echoed in the cave and many sacrifices were made.

In that moment Laanx became aware of the presence of his followers, and he was stricken by their faith and ingenuity. His heart became a little softer, and he gave his people many powerful and useful things to brighten the cave and make the lake and its shores a place to live. The Lemurs multiplied rapidly, built the ten towns of Kadaikos, and they became a prosperous and numerous populations.

For a period, Laanx ruled Kadaikos harshly, giving to the Lemurs inflexible laws and a strict hierarchy. After discovering the delight of ruling his people, the Masked God became greedy for power. He remembered the promise made by Vodùl to send people to Yliakum. They were supposed to arrive in a few decades, and he decided to take them all, to lead them to Kadaikos and to become their god. Thus, he journeyed back to the Stone Labyrinths near Yliakum to await the arrival of the first settlers.

After the departure of Laanx, a black flame appeared in Kadaikos. Everyone believed that it was a part of Laanx's soul and was supposed to rule his people till his return. The Black Flame was sentient and easily took control of the people in Kadaikos.


The Sacred Order of the Black Flame is the most difficult path for a player to take, and for a character to walk. Not only is the order hated, but it is outlawed. Its practitioners are hunted ruthlessly because they are believed to perform strange homicidal and/or mutilation rituals. Would-be members must choose an alternate religion to appear to follow and must also maintain their allegiance to the Black Flame. Anyone exposing the Order is an enemy to the Order. People attracted to this faith:

  • The duplicitous
  • Double-dealers
  • Evil geniuses
  • The criminally insane