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Here are all the pages related to the different races in Yliakum.

In Character References

Lexicon.jpg In game, a number of books give details about the races found in Yliakum. These books are spread across the many libraries and taverns, though many can be in the famous Hydlaa library owned by the Ylian Jayose:
  • An Adventure in Cultural Sports
  • An Enkidukai Looks at Pack Culture
  • Couples Greetings
  • Dermorian Courting and Marriage Rituals
  • Klyros Courting and Marriage Rituals
  • Kran Bonding and Gemmation
  • Kran Burials
  • Kran History and Origin
  • Kran Volume II
  • Kran Volume III
  • Kran-ology
  • Leave the Beard Be
  • Lemur Courting and Marriage Rituals
  • Nolthrir Courting and Marriage Rituals
  • Races of Yliakum
  • The Identification of Enkidukai Packs
  • The Union of All Klyros

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