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We have to think about the usage of each of these docs.

now we have

  1. Gameplay FAQ
  2. General FAQ
  3. Ingame Help
  4. Quickguide
  5. Getting Started In-Game
  6. Players Policy
  7. Players Guide

I think there should be four docs in the end:

  • Quickguide for the homepage for people who want to play as fast as possible
  • Players Policy which should pop up at first login or so, also readable on the homepage
  • Players Guide for people who would like to read while downloading or just to learn more. It should be a more or less complete reference of all features and functions of PS.
  • Ingame Help which is now a reference for commands mainly. Some dev plans to enhance the readibility of the ingame help, while I plan to not only copy a major part of the players guide into the ingame help but also to address RP this way by hints and tips.

--Kerol 17:01, 8 March 2007 (EST)