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Initiating Combat

With a Creature

  • Find and approach creature, be careful many will attack you on sight or have some disease you might catch if you get too close.
  • Right-click (control-click on Mac) on the creature
  • Select the 'attack' icon from the pop-up menu

With another Player (PvP)

  • Find and approach player
  • Challenge them to a duel
    • Select them
    • type /challenge
  • If they accept, then fight. All players may reserve the right to decline.

With another Player from another Guild

  • If your guild and theirs are at war: no challenge is necessary.
  • If your guild and theirs are not at war: challenge them as you would any other player.

If someone challenges you

  • Decide whether you wish to fight them or not
    • Are they stronger?
    • Are they better armed?
  • Accept or decline as you wish.

Remember: There is no dishonour in declining; it's just a game...

Attack Stances

During combat, attacker and victim can change their combat stance, focusing more on attack or on defence.


Stop Attack

/attack 0
The player ceases to attack.


/attack 1
The player focuses all his or her ability on attacking. All blocking, movement and dodging ability gets transferred to attack.


/attack 2
The player focuses his ability more on attacking then defending. His or her blocking ability gets transferred to attack as well as some of movement and dodging ability.


/attack 3
The standard, default attack. Attack and defence are as per skills and stats.


/attack 4
The player focuses his or her ability more on defending than attacking. Attacking ability gets transferred to blocking, along with some movement and agility.

Full Defensive

/attack 5
The player focuses all his or her ability on defending. All attacking ability, movement and agility is transferred to blocking and avoiding attacks.


If you lose the battle, you will die.


If you win a battle with a creature, it may have certain... items... you can sell for money. That is if you want your hands dirty with dirt, grime and blood...

  • Select the corpse
  • Either:
    • Right-click (Control-click on Macs) and select 'Loot'
    • or, Type /loot into your console
  • If there is anything worth having it will be added to your inventory

Quick, though... corpses disappear after a short while. (Probably just as well, or we'd be knee deep in rotting carcasses by now... *shudders*)

See also Players Guide/Combat