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Crafting, the art of creating something out of something else, is an ability that PlaneShift promotes.


A lot of crafts are already available in game. Some are on the verge to be implemented.

Crafts currently implemented

Crafts not currently implemented

How do I...?

Check your crafting page above.

See also Players Guide/Crafting

Expanding Crafting

Crafting can be expanded by players and contributors if they get the right knowledge on how to do it. Here you can find a spreadsheet which the developers use to add new crafting processes to the game. If you are interested in adding a new craft, you can populate this excel file and post it here or contact the devs about it. If you want to work with multiple people on it, we suggest you to import this excel file into google docs, and then give access to your team mates.

Example Crafting Excel.