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Crystal Blue Is the code name for the third major release of PlaneShift.


  • new CrystalSpace (3D graphics) engine
  • using skeletal models and animations
  • introducing magic
  • introducing combat






  • Klyros model added.
  • Added a set of items including food and loot items.



Major User-Visible Features

  • New area of East Hydlaa is available (Jayose has been relocated). New NPCs will be added there soon.
  • Character traits - current only 1 new elf skin. You can now customize the face of your char (dermorian only). Now that the feature is in place, we will add more faces for other chars as well.
  • New crafting system - shields only at the moment
  • New complete GUI skinning system
  • One additional skin available thanks to Cherppow. (to change it, you can rename planeshift/art/skin/ into planeshift/art/skin/
  • New loading screens
  • Added duel points and advisor points to skill window info displayed.
  • Added some new button art to look better.
  • Added duel-point penalty for spamming duel invites.
  • Added command to see /duel_points
  • You don't get skill practise for attacking other players now.
  • Train icon added in the interaction menu with trainers
  • Added /changeguildname
  • German manual
  • Message window will now no longer jump to the end when a message is added.
  • /quit now prompts before quitting
  • Added link to login page that shows where to register a new account.
  • License of the package changed from PlaneShift Team to Atomic Blue.

Major User-Visible Fixes

  • A number of bug fixed on Hydlaa level.
  • Updated/fixed some spell effects
  • Fixed that you could freely PK players that were just joining the game
  • Fixed that if you opened a window during autorun, you could run forever regardless of stamina.
  • Fixed that when you died, you could still turn your remains with mouselook.
  • When a character is attacked, its stance resets to "full defense".
  • Fixed that tab completition was sometimes changing chat command to /tell from e.g. /say.
  • Fixed that when negative HP rates lowered HP to zero, the character was not killed.
  • Fixed that vitals were not adjusted when they were at maximum value.
  • This means that negative rates (e.g. spells) were not always applied.

Known bugs

  • Flickering of a rectangle region near the connection between hydlaa plaza and the new East Hydlaa map
  • Pssetup may crash on some systems
  • Chat sometimes doesn't scroll down to follow new text
  • Using the "load all levels" option will give you some wrong textures here and there (example laanx temple).


  • Laanx temple has been expanded adding a new room in the upper level.
  • The sewers have been lit up a bit, and many torches have been added and fixed.
  • Jayose library has been expanded, with new shelves types and more space to walk.
  • We added few new faces variations for the Ynnwn male characters. You can see those new faces in the char creation.
  • The game now supports the feature to add a description to any static object (like trees, statues, roads, stones, furniture, etc...). We just started using it, but you can right click on the book in the new room of laanx temple to get its description. We plan to add many descriptions to give more deepness to the background.


  • Unique treasure generation.
  • Fine-tuning of the progression rules.
  • New quest system.
  • Visual fixes on Hydlaa level, and some additions to the magic shop.
  • WIPE: all characters deleted.




  • Pets (familiars) added. New /pet command controls them.
  • Frame rate limit added to Options. Frame rate limit is 62.5fps by default.
  • Hair color for new characters can be changed. Existing characters will have to buy and use dye when it becomes available.
  • Skills window has been reworked into categories. The category tab will blink if there is a skill available from the trainer.
  • Gave GMs the ability to award XP for completing GM-created events.
  • Right-click quick chat pop-up menu has been disabled.
  • If you /use with an argument it wil assume you are trying to consume.
  • /equip defaults to 1 item being used
  • Support added for chained quests
  • Some fixes so guild notes are actually usable:
    • The gui now sends the targeted person's charcter id instead of your own, so it is possible to send notes.
    • Private notes are only viewable by that character, and can be sent by any member of the guild. They are appended, not the best formatting, but it works for now.
  • Creating a guild now has a confirmation dialog that explains the requirements.
  • Re-wrote invite spam-blocker:
    • Now only triggered on declines, so as to not block legitimate invites.
    • Penalties now increase with each decline:
      1. 1 min lockout
      2. 5 min + warning
      3. 10 min + 10 advisor point fine + 10 duel point fine, if duel spam + death
      4. 30 point fine(s) + death + kick from server
    • Penalties expire with gameplay time, and can be lowered by getting an accept from a player with no penalties and a enough advisor points.
    • Penalty level is saved to the player's account entry in the database, so repeat offenders can't escape it. (relog resets to 3rd level)
  • Enhancements to the looting system:
    • Roll for loot enforcement: If a player in a group attempts to take instead of roll for any loot, the roll winner will be prompted to allow the action.
    • Range restriction for rolling: Only group members within 30 meters (10 times normal loot range) can win a roll for loot.
  • Implemented discard quest feature.
  • /my command added
  • Updater improved to be more efficient
  • Add $target to shortcuts. Inserts the name of the player or object currently targeted into a command to replace each $target.
  • Made it so if a spell -can- be cast on you (say, Life Infusion), and you have no target, it casts on yourself
  • Improved NPC fighting behaviour so it's not cancelled by the server when the NPC leaves the range.
  • Improved NPC navigation - they should hug walls less now.
  • Add new icon to NPC right-click interact menu to chat to the NPC. Switches cursor to the chat window.
  • Exiting the death realm now spawns you at your racial spawn point.
  • /marriage command added

Bug Fixes

  • Various inventory and exchange bugs fixed where items could be lost.
  • Fixed a bug where lacking a 0th shortcut would make the shortcut window have errors.
  • Negative values for stats/skills at character creation are now checked for.
  • Message versioning to prevent player stats jumping around due to out of order UDP
  • It is now possible to strafe and rotate
  • Name labels are updated when name is changed
  • Guild labels are updated when guild is changed
  • Fixed fall damage
  • Fixed that new looted items were not accessible until inventory was opened.
  • Re-enabled mouse run
  • Fixed that it was possible to cast healing spells on a target with 100% HP.
  • Add /die command to commit suicide. If used in a duel, you automatically yield.
  • Fixed bug where trying to deequip while dead creates ghost item
  • Fix for recent problem of users being unable to zone.
  • Fix for bug that prevents the casting of a spell after it was interrupted.
  • Training exploit fixed
  • Fixed bug "During a guild war one guild yielded and the other 2 guild didn't get the Karma Points".
  • Fixed: complains at you if you try to cast Defensive Wind while targetting an enemy...saying it only can be cast on you. Made it cast such spells on you, regardless of what's targeted.
  • Fixed bug that "Married to: xyz" was added again and again to your char desc when you edit it.
  • Fixed bug that the character was not removed from his guild when it's deleted and you keep seeing it in the guild until the server is restarted.
  • Fixed bug that players can start trading with other players without their permission and can annoy them in between fights etc.
  • Various sound and music fixes



New Features

  • New mental and physical stamina system
  • Many improvements to the GM system
  • Multi-part and multi-path quests
  • Many quest system improvements
  • Added money to mini inventory window. (trades, etc)
  • Some improvements to the GUI; simplified info window
  • Added the ability for NPCs to use more animations
  • Added more sound effects for actions
  • Client now supports visible clothing/armor changes
  • Client now supports customizable hair styles
  • Updated in-game help to list all commands
  • Right-click (by default) can now be used in all containers/inventories to view the item or a container's contents.
  • Added font scaling option (set via setup)
  • NPC dialogue now uses Wordnet, which will allow for more realistic communication
  • Added snow support. Added rain support to Mac client.
  • Labels will only show when in range to identify an object. (also helps performance by not drawing for far off objects) Dead objects now have red.
  • New ban system which should keep greifers from just creating new accounts
  • New mesh generation system to allow for more foliage in maps, some test one added to hydlaa and ojaroad
  • New updater system, which doesn't download the repository unless it needs to. This will help the bandwidth of our servers and those with slower connections.
  • Client can now automaticaly notify players when new updates are available, at the character selection screen.
  • Many fixes for the crafting system. We are close to have it working for real.


  • Fixes for /dequip command in shortcuts
  • Various crash fixes (too many to list)
  • Many performance fixes.
  • Fixed weather and fog glitches/crashes
  • Fixed exploit where people could logout mid-battle
  • Temporarly removed advisor points scoring system to stop competitions. Advisor points are now on account, not on char.
  • Many fixes to the sound system. Sounds should be much better, and play when they're supposed to. Switched to new renderer, which is more stable.
  • Issues with skill window tabs
  • Issues with using weapons with stat/skill requirements
  • Could "complete" an empty trade
  • Fixes to entity labels. Added command "/repaintlabels force" as a tool to repaint more severe problems if they still happen.
  • Fixed darkness bug
  • New map lighting system in CS, which should clear up a few lighting issues. All maps relighted
  • Fixed various bugs in NPCclient making NPCs act strangely
  • Made pets unattackable
  • Fixes for character creation system
  • Fixed bugs with stamina not working at certain times
  • Many fixes related to items, inventories, and containers. Items shouldn't dissapear anymore, and weights should be handled without errors.
  • Better working configuration of keys and mouse buttons
  • Fixed many, many, memory leaks in both PS and CS. The client should be able to run without having to be restarted very often and should be more efficient in using memory.
  • Disabled invites while dueling, to prevent using them as a distraction to cheat
  • Changing weapons mid battle will make you skip a turn, to prevent some exploits
  • Fixed chat history to not loose current line by accident
  • Fixed bug where sound effects would try to load when sound was off
  • /who will only show up to 30 players based on the given filter, to fix issues with showing too many



New Features

  • New items, new armor skins.
  • Support for armors that require a different armor model (think spiky armor)
  • More GM system improvements (ex: GMs are now invisible by default)
  • Weather system improvements (ex: can now fade in all spiffy-like)
  • New tutorial system. Will now give help the first time you do new things.
  • New proximity-based NPC dialogue system. NPCs can now be made to talk to you automatically when you move close to them.
  • NPCs can now talk publicly, instead of only in /tells.
  • Added "/screenshot nogui" feature to take clean shots, ignoring onscreen stuff.
  • Glyphs now need to be repurified for new owners.
  • Will now send notification on training from mining/crafting/etc.
  • New options window in the updater to make setup easier
  • Additions to the pet system
  • Elves GUI set to default, just to show it to the ones that never tried it.


  • Fixes to the marriage system
  • Fixed crash loading into a bad location
  • Fixed an exploit where weakness could be used on someone to make them drop items
  • Crafting system fixes; it should be ready soon
  • Fixed bug where NPCs could spawn without full health
  • Weather system fixes
  • Fixed pet cloning bugs
  • Fixes to name label alignments
  • Updater self-updating is now back on
  • Fixed a rare bug giving a 1 HP max
  • Fixed tooltips not disappearing correctly
  • Fixed an exploit in the pet name changing that could crash the server
  • Turned spam-protection on for trade invites
  • Fixed a bug cutting off long names in the buddy list
  • Fixed a few updater bugs/crashes


  • Fixed darkness in sewers
  • Added more items to Harnquist smith shop and to Levrus alchemy laboratory for future crafting usage.
  • Fixed few player textures (stonebm)
  • New updater version



New features

  • More crafting system implementations, this will allow to create weapons and shields in game.
  • Weapons and armors now decay with use and can be repaired. Crafted items have a better quality, so they decay slower.
  • New scripting operations to add support for new spells like transmutation and invisibility (the spells are not yet in, but the engine now supports those)
  • Multiple engine and art optimizations. We moved our format to a binary one to have better loading times, previously most of the time needed for loading was spent in parsing our XML levels. Now we have DDS textures, binary XML maps, and ptmalloc in CS. Maps load signifigantly faster and the package is smaller even with all the new content.
  • New control and movement systems:
    • Fixes many bugs, including the main collision detection issue.
    • New stamina system which takes into account terrain steepness
    • Now shows strafe animation (for the races that have it so far)
    • Added sneak mode to creep around slowly (not all races have anim yet)
  • Finally fixed the handness of characters. All characters correctly attack with right hand.

New content

  • New "Bronze Doors" region
  • Four new outdoor terrain maps (one based on the old Oja Road)
  • World has been rearranged to move Akkaio from its temporary location to East of Hydlaa
  • New armor textures:
    • Each race should have a full set for leather armor now
    • Added chainmail textures and items
  • Initial support for plate armor
  • New trait customizations for some races, including new skins for enkis
  • New pet species and new animal affinity system
  • NPCs support more scripting. Capable of being set to pickup items.
  • Optional "lossless" parameter for /screenshot to save as PNG
  • Added font size option to the config windows for certain windows
  • New sound emitter generator used to add many of the insect sounds in the maps

Notable fixes and improvements

  • Improved caching system on server
  • Fixes for action locations
  • More work on tutorial system
  • Multiple fixes and improvements in sounds system
  • Fixes and improvements for NPC pathfinding
  • Improved entity loading in client to prevent freezing
  • Fixed backwards left/right hand issues
  • Some GM system improvements
  • Added clear button to the shortcut editing window
  • Optimized networking messages to lower total traffic by as much as 1/3, by size
  • /report command is now working and works retroactively to include recent messages

Other bugfixes

  • Fixed display bug when resizing buddy window
  • Fixed display bug when selecting quest notes
  • Fixed crash on pet dismiss with stat window
  • Fixed bug in pssetup where the skin sample wasn't loaded
  • Fixed bug where auto-full-defense couldn't fight back when stance was changed
  • Fixed bug where failed transform message was not being displayed
  • Fixed bug where managing a secret guild could make guild labels shown
  • Fixed bugs where equip/dequip effects would persist or stack
  • Fixed bug where camera mode would reset when going to the options
  • Fixed bug where the option to show/hide guild labels required a restart
  • Fixed bug where players could add money to containers that can't remove them
  • Fixed bug where loading errors could start an infinte loop, instead of stopping
  • Fixed crash in pssetup if no map is selected in relight
  • Fixed bug where morphing would show equipment wrong on morphee's client
  • Fixed bug where long generated names would make next name fall off the left
  • Fixed bug causing duplicate entries in new character descriptions
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't attack in PvP unless groupped with their last attacker
  • Fixed bug where stance button could stay highlighted if not allowed to attack
  • Fixed possible crash on new character upload
  • Fixed bug where the skill window could popup after closing
  • Fixed display bugs when a window is near the control bar



Design and content

  • Chat window updated, specific NPC tab, all visibile/audible messages moved to Main Tab, all detailed combat moved to system tab, combat details now only shown to user and group.
  • Added support for character helms. Added base set of helms, but few races still missing.
  • Mini-games system added, with ability to display a board, change pieces, configurable layouts.
  • Method of calculation cast success now set as a formula.
  • New animations added to complete the base set, few races still missing.
  • Added support for monsters variations
  • Added base armor for races. Kran has now a natural armor, monsters have various natural armors based on their race.
  • Item quality is now averaged on stacking.
  • Item resistance for crafted items set as 0.5

Bug Fixes

  • Errors about unresolved item containers.
  • Many fixes and improvements to crafting.
  • Fixed crash if people tried to trade items while repairing them.
  • Pathing of NPC fixed.
  • Fixed stances of NPCs after respawn.




  • Improvements to minigames
  • Improvements to NPCs AI, they are now able to explore, search and identify resources, finally harvest.
  • Fixed crafted item quality
  • Partial rewrite of crafting functionalities, will be easier to manage/expand for us
  • Fixed few bugs on NPC movement
  • Upgraded the cal3d animation engine to version 0.11
  • Upgraded the CrystalSpace 3d rendering engine to 1.0
  • Usage of the new particle system
  • Fixed char selection screen to display equipped items
  • Added button to Glyph window for spell research
  • Added capability to manage area spells
  • Added Active magic window
  • Containers can now hold glyphs without disrupting casting


  • Added new animations for female ynnwn
  • Added new monsters variations
  • Added helms for all races (except ynnwn male)
  • Added new Kran animations
  • Upgraded particle effects for the new system (still to tweak)


  • New area south of hydlaa, called the winch.
  • Hair styles support added. For now just the female ynnwn has different hair styles, but more will be added later
  • New animations for some characters, like ynnwn male.
  • New items and icons shipped into the client
  • Lot of new quests loaded
  • New faction system, you can see a first implementation in your skills window, under factions.
  • GMs can register official events on the server, players participating to events can access events tab in quests window.
  • Added new map function, to display/create maps
  • First implementation of locks and keys (not fully usable yet)
  • Many bug fixes and improvements




  • Reached mark of 100 quests.
  • Complete review of quests, all of them are working in game now
  • Greatly improved dictionary of NPCs, and common responses
  • Added new creatures: derghir, tloke, kikiri
  • Made available variations of many creatures
  • Added dermorian female player character model
  • Added 4 Kran skins
  • Improved dermorian male character
  • Added plate armor for many chars
  • Added new skins for enkidukai clans
  • Added spell casting effects
  • Added lot of new items, like bludgeoning weapons, amulets, rings, plants
  • Added missing animations to player characters


  • Shadows are now present under characters and objects!
  • Chat bubbles are used on players and NPCs during dialogs
  • Completely remade how inventory works server-side for more robust management
  • Enabled generation of random loot, you will see lot of new items!
  • Improved NPC movement and AI
  • Improvement to guild management (we will reveal more in the next weeks)
  • Improvements to sketches, you can now edit your own sketches
  • Improvements to books, you can now edit your own books



New Features

  • Duels aren’t deadly anymore. You will knock a player down and then you will receive a message asking if you want to kill the player or not.
  • Banking: Players will now be able to open a personal bank account. Guildleaders will also be able to open a guild bank account and set permission who can access the account. Not enabled yet in-game.
  • New characters will now enter a tutorial-world when they login.
  • The Death Realm is now cursed! Not enabled yet in-game.
  • Authors are now able to name their books.
  • Only the author of a book or sketch can now edit it. This ONLY applies to books and sketches bought AFTER the .20 release!
  • Equipping helmets will now remove the hair mesh.
  • Various fonts were changed to ones with a better (GPL) license.
  • Work started on taxing.


  • Various maps now use the new "Lighter2" lightmap system for creating light and shadows.
  • Various maps now use a newer 3d format (genmeshes instead of thingmeshes).
  • More icons and meshes for items have been added.
  • A tutorial area has been added for new players. The tutorial has to be completed by new players before moving to the game world.
  • The tavern has been expanded.



  • Mouserun has been enabled by default to aid new players. It can be turned off by un-assigning the "LeftClick" in Options->Controls->Keys->Camera->MouseRun.
  • The order of the main menu icons has been changed to make it more intuitive. Obviously this will need getting used to for long-time players.
  • Many changes and updates to the Planeshift Advanced Windowing System, this is the code backend of the graphical user interface.
  • The book writing window now looks better.
  • Chatbubbles are prettier.
  • The last used spell is now highlighted in the spells window.
  • When your name is mentioned the specific tab will now flash in way recognizable from the normal way.
  • The tutorial window now looks better.
  • Equipped items won’t show up in Buy/Sell window anymore.
  • You can now have up to 200 shortcuts.
  • You’re now prompted for a password when you try to delete your character.
  • Various fixes to the graphical user interface.
  • The item description window now shows item sizes.
  • The total amount of trias is now displayed in the skillwindow.
  • The guild invitation window always stays on top now.
  • Several improvements for weather and especially fog.
  • Fog now reduces your viewing distance, so it is actually "thick" now.


  • Changes to most environment sounds, for fading and distance values.
  • New sound setups for the Winch and the Bronze Doors.
  • A new sound for the "DRCitadel" in the Death Realm.

Movement and Combat

  • You will get the “too tired” message at 10% stamina now.
  • Stamina now regenerates faster when sitting.
  • Natural armour is now counted as a bonus to normal armour, instead of something that is replaced when you equip bought armour.
  • Now you cannot use “/attack 1” anymore but you should use “/attack bloody” instead.
  • You won’t be able to lure NPCs anymore by just pressing the attack button.
  • A toggle key for running/walking can be used when you have autorun enabled(r), you must enabled it under Options first.
  • Passing a region border no longer stops you from running.


  • Planeshift now uses version 1.2 of The Crystal Space 3D engine and the Crystal Entity Layer environment.
  • Meshes, textures and materials are now deleted when they aren’t needed anymore, this improves memory usage.
  • The client now loads less models and textures during startup causing it to launch much faster, they are loaded on-demand now.
  • Many changes and fixes to map loading and unloading, making it better and faster.
  • Some optimizations in network code to make the server faster.


  • You can now trade while sitting.
  • Players can now stack items together regardless of quality and creator.
  • An error message on /unstick now displays how long you have to wait until you can use /unstick again.
  • The /pos command for showing your position now shows your instance too.
  • Advisors can now see who other advisors are.
  • The timeout for advisor sessions has been doubled.

Fixed Bugs

  • You can now type in the auction tab again instead of having to use /auction.
  • Several server crashes.
  • Several fixes to make sure players won’t get stuck in instances anymore.
  • Players can now loot when killing mobs with a Damage Over Time spell.
  • Various fixes to the marriage system.
  • The command “z” to sit now always works, sometimes you had to press it twice.
  • Fixes to movement code so you should get stuck less often.
  • Some fixes to the /unstick command
  • Many changes and fixes to the locking and unlocking of doors.
  • It is not possible anymore to fish for gold.
  • Sometimes you had to press “r” twice to enable autorun, this is now made more elegant.
  • The preview of skins now works in pssetup.
  • Advisor messages now actually display the right information.
  • The FPS cap and the distance cap now actually work.
  • You can now close the sketch window with the red cross.
  • If you use quotes ("") in a sketch, the entire sketch isn't wiped anymore.

Know Issues

  • After a partial stack within the furnace is moved, only the amount that you moved will be melted. The rest can be lost.
  • After all art and engine related changes, users may experience more lag than usual at times. You can fix this by decreasing Distance under "Options-->Graphics-->Details".
  • When moving to a new map, the progress bar of the loading screen will not show the progress correctly.
  • Some issues with guildhouses access rights.
  • When mouserun is enabled, sometimes clicking on the GUI or on an NPC will cause your character to move too.