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Dakkru is one of PlaneShift's Gods. She is also known as the Goddess of Death.

Dakkru rules the Death Realm, and she will afflict you with her curse if you manage to escape her dark domain. She claims a portion of each death as her own, and is said to take a small piece of one's soul every time they pass through. Anyone who has seen a lot of death will likely utter prayers to Dakkru.


Londris Kolaim described the Goddess as such: "A form lithe and strong, with a shimmering cloak of long, sharp-edged splinters of ruby, emerald, diamond, platinum, and silver, all strung together with impossibly fine strands of orichalc and rattling in a soft, cacaphonic hymn. A glorious headdress of crystal shards crowned such perfection as all the world of the living could hope for in death. Her lustrous skin was the whitish blue of the drowned, but in no way besmirched. Her eyes - irises like green halos encircled unfathomable pupils."


During a Crystal Eclipse, Dakkru formed a portal of shadows and revealed herself to three within the Death Realm, Londris Kolaim, Oriven Thamal, and Rulayne Ogrin. She gave them Her name, and outlined to them the principles on which Her worship would be built.


Dakkru's worshippers are charged with helping to combat the influences of the Black Flame. They also help support her by fighting duels to the death in her name. People attracted to this faith are:

  • Dark Way mages and scholars
  • Brigands
  • Murders
  • Hunters
  • Cutthroats
  • Duelists
  • Necromancers
  • Tyrants