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What happens if I die?

When your character dies as a result of combat or fall or any other method, you are taken to the Death Realm. See a pic here: [1].

The dangers and adventures of Death Realm

The Death Realm is fraught with dangers of its own, horrid enough to decimate you even after death. There are few sources of light, and even the landscape is not conducive to travel. If you die in Death Realm, you will restart at the beginning of Death Realm. There is no limit to the number of times you can die at this moment.

While exiting Death Realm may seem a priority for many, some heroic adventurers enjoy the dangers of Death Realm more than any other place in Yliakum. The Death Realm does offer a wide range of adventures for the enterprising. If you think you are strong enough even after death, you may even consider battling the monsters in Death Realm to further enhance your experience.

Getting out of Death Realm

If you are new to Death Realm, you may want to ask other players in the vicinity (if there are any) to politely guide you out of it. If you find you cannot type fast enough to ask them for help, just follow them, most likely you will be shown the teleport exit to Hydlaa. Exiting Death Realm will take you right at Harnquist's Blacksmith shop in Hydlaa.

Dakkru's curse

If you somehow are able to get out of Death Realm, you will be afflicted with Dakkru's curse, popularly known as Death Penalty in Planeshift community.

While under death penalty, your hit points, physical stamina, and mental stamina all will be halved. Your mana will become negative, so you cannot cast any spells. All stats will be halved as well (appearing in brackets). Some equipped armor may be disabled, though it will still show up in the inventory as equipped. The Death Guardian will advise you to reduce your burden before leaving Death Realm as much as possible, to prepare for the physical stamina loss ahead of time.

The death penalty applies for 30 minutes of real life, and will be removed as soon as 30 minutes are over.

Please note that once you come back from Death Realm, you are under Dakkru's curse and are even more likely to die again in battle. It will be a very good idea to indulge in some role play with other players near Harnquist or in a tavern.