The Dome

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1st The Dome
2nd The Barn
3rd Far Ground
4th Stronghold
5th Land's End
6th Lakeshore
7th Lower Field
8th The Deep

The First Level, more commonly referred to as The Dome, is the topmost plateau in Yliakum.


The Dome is the largest of all the levels, and is also the most brightly lit, since it is the one closest to the Crystal. It lies above the point where the stalactite connects to its cave's ceiling, and is connected to the Stone Labyrinths around it through the Bronze Doors. Because of this, it is also the only level where mining is allowed. Many rivers flow into the Dome from the labyrinths, cascading through to the lower levels. Being the closest level to the Crystal, its plant life thrives, as apparently does it's humanoid population - the Dome being one of the most populated levels in Yliakum, and possessing the largest cities.


The Octarch of the First Level is Iragdun Salikarios, who is aided by twenty vigesimi, among them Amidison Stronghand in Hydlaa city, Datal Allavium in the Winch district, Davikel Iramok in Gugrontid and Torkesyn Rabani in Ojaveda.

A painted map of the first level as found at Jayose's


Myths that tell of Yliakum's creation tell of Laanx and Talad hollowing out all of Yliakum and diverting underground rivers to give the new land water, unknowingly connecting the Dome to the Stone Labyrinths in the process. When the Kran and Lemurs were created and found they were the only races in Yliakum, they settled down into a town which Talad named Hydlaa. With Vodùl's help other races found their way to the Dome. One of these races, the Enkidukai, established a large city, and they named it Ojaveda. When Laanx returned to Yliakum he assembled a huge metal temple in central Hydlaa. Talad grew jealous of Laanx and so hollowed out a stone temple dedicated to himself. This temple of Talad's grew and prospered into a city dedicated to his people, the Kran.