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The Dsar of Akkaio

Ojaveda (pronounced Oh-Jah-Ved-Ah), is the home city of the Enkidukai race within Yliakum. The city is found on the Dome, which is closest to the Azure Sun and therefore has more light than the other levels. Due to that and to the fertile soil of the first level, Ojaveda is surrounded by farms, and also is the centre of trade. As the Enkidukai have good relation with most other races, especially the Hammerwielder clan, most quality goods are bought from this city. Ojaveda is split into six Dsars, run by the six major packs of the Enkidukai race. Each pack and Dsar is different and specializes in different trades, but all Dsars house the basic set of shops and services required to sustain everyday life. Currently, only the Dsars Akkaio and Kore are open for business. The rest of the city has been shut off for reasons that have not been explained fully: some locals have heard rumours about a quarantine of the other Dsars, yet others have heard that the Elder Council that shut off the city has not held a meeting in a long time.

The Dsars


Akkaio is the largest Dsar in Ojaveda and deals in goods from all over Yliakum. It is home to the Akkaio pack and open for business.


To the east of Akkaio is Sarraghi, the central Dsar of Ojaveda. It contains the White Towers and a shrine in honour of Talad. The Sarraghi Dsar is one of the places most affected by the Plague in Ojaveda.


The military Dsar. It is home to the Kore pack, and also open to the public.


Dsar Rabani houses Ojaveda's wealthiest inhabitants, and is also the political centre. It is where Ojaveda's council is held, and the Vigesimi Torkesyn Rabani has his home here.


The ore from the mines in the surrounding area is delivered to Blikau. It also houses Ojaveda's water supply, and is known to be somewhat lacking in security.

The Mills

The food from the farms around Ojaveda is processed in the Mills Dsar. It is also notorious as one of the most dangerous sections of the city.


The Dsar of Akkaio in Ojaveda was added as Crystal Blue was released. Other Dsars will be accessible over time.