Dsar of Akkaio

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The Dsar of Akkaio

The Dsar of Akkaio is the largest Dsar in Ojaveda and currently one of only two open to the public, the other being the Dsar of Kore. It is run by the Akkaio pack of the Enkidukai. The road from Hydlaa to Ojaveda starts at the gate in East Hydlaa, and ends in this dsar. Akkaio is one of the main trading Dsars and contains two districts, the Steel Bazaar and the Warehouse District. Many items from all over Yliakum can be obtained in Akkaio.


Along with the rest of Ojaveda, Dsar Akkaio is located on the Dome, the first level of Yliakum. It is located south-west of the Eagle Bronze Doors and east of Hydlaa, the capital city of Yliakum. Akkaio trades most actively with the Hammerwielders, whom they have a good relationship with.

Points of Interest

The Steel Bazaar

Located in Akkaio West, the Steel Bazaar has recently been re-opened. It has a plethora of services and shops dealing with metalworking.

Akkaio Central

Th' Broken Door

One of the most respected taverns on the first level, Th' Broken Door is run by Brado, selling many varieties of alcoholic drinks and food, and has become the first port of call for budding adventurers. Because the doors indeed are missing, Brado has a perpetual rat problem in his cellar.

Master Blades

Regarded by some as superior to Harnquist's Smithy in Hydlaa, Trasok Starhammer owns a smithy in Akkaio, where he sells many weapons and teaches metallurgy and shield making, to name a few.

Tzeg's Legacy

This small alchemy shop, run by Vladovic Chel-Astra and named after his former mentor and previous owner, Tzeg, buys and sells potions and alchemical reagents of all sorts.

House O' Wheat

Orchibaly Gurpleferd runs this bakery, which is famous for its pies. He buys and sells a number of baked goods and ingredients.

Hirenn's Hides

This leather shop, run by Hirenn Darmeth, buys and sells hides and leathermaking equipment. Hirenn will also sometimes teach new students the art of leatherworking.

Brintec's Carpets

It is hard to miss this colorful display of beautifully dyed Ojavedan carpets and pillows. Brintec Dev-Onni is the one to speak to if you wish to purchase some.

Ojaveda Outfitters

The Ojaveda Outfitters is run by Toda Ombretis and is a kind of general store, compared to the others. Here one may find tools and leather clothing, among other things.

The Warehouse District

Mikana Trading Company

Run by Jirosh Mikana, this company maintains an extensive trade network across all of Yliakum. Because a large percentage of all wares going through Akkaio are handled by this operation, Jirosh stocks spices and furnishings not found elsewhere, and usually is interested in buying in nearly all kinds of wares.


Several of Akkaio's artisans live in hide ultics located near the dock works.


Akkaio's docks are the place where caravans are loaded and unloaded by dock workers.


Akkaio was released in the Crystal Blue release of PlaneShift. More Dsars of Ojaveda will be released over time, the IC reason is that the other Dsars were closed due to a quarantine, which however is a rumour that has little extra facts. The Akkaio pack of Enkidukai were implemented as a skin for Enkidukai race in the release of Crystal Blue 0.3.019.