Dsar of Kore

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The Dsar of Kore

The Dsar of Kore is the military Dsar of Ojaveda. It is home to the Kore Pack of Enkidukai. Split into two parts, the military base and the residential area, Dsar Kore is designed to meet the needs of all Kore Enkidukai.


Dsar Kore is located within Ojaveda, on the first level. It is found south-west of the Eagle Bronze Doors region and the Stone Labyrinths and east of Hydlaa, the capital city of Yliakum.

Points of Interest

Kore Military Base

The Keep

Home of the Kore Pack's Chief, the Keep is a prominent building with metal Ylian pieces mixed into classical Enkidukai architecture. It is locked.

The Training Pens

Experienced Kore brought particular creatures into the Training Pens, allowing younger Kore and other trainees to hone their skills without the risks of being in the wild.

The Central Tower

Accessed by a lift, the Central Tower can see for miles around, warning inhabitants of Ojaveda of any incoming peril long before it arrives.

Kore Residential Quarter

The Military Museum

The Museum is locked, but full of rich artefacts and historical documents about the Enkidukai and the might of the Kore and their past.

The Mercenary Recruiter

A building where one may seek a contract...

The Arena

Despite being in a "military" area, the Arena can also be used for plays, and many other shows and performances.


Kore was released in the Arcane Chrysalis release of PlaneShift. More Dsars of Ojaveda will be released over time, the IC reason is that the other Dsars were closed due to a quarantine, this is however a rumour that has little extra facts. The map itself was modelled by the artist Xoel, who used a combination of Akkaio textures and his own model-work to create the new Dsar, as well as creating some new textures to add variety. It was officially released on June 11th 2010, and announced in the news section of PlaneShift.it on June 12th, 2010. At this stage there is still more work to be done on the level, but testing shows it as stable, though not the best map for ease of performance in PlaneShift.