East Hydlaa

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If you head east from the main plaza, you will come across East Hydlaa.


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Jayose's Library

The library is also known as Jayose's Librams and Codex. It is large library owned by the grumpy Ylian librarian Jayose, hence the name. Many books about Yliakum and its inhabitants can be found here. The two-story structure is filled with so many books, and the books are so popular that Jayose has had to take on assistants to help him run the establishment.

The library can be found by heading from the plaza into East Hydlaa. At the first fork, turn left and follow the road. The library will be on your left.

Dermorian Garden

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The Dermorian Garden

A beautiful garden created by the Dermorians with their art and techniques. Also known as The Secret Garden, this place is considered sacred to Xiosia worshipers for its sacred tree, with the image of Xiosia in it. Additionally, the garden has a fountain that brings up pure water from the lower levels.

Amidison Stronghands Manor

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The Courthouse, Jail, and Stronghand Manor

The Vigesimi for the area, Amidison Stronghand, has a large house in East Hydlaa, though it said she is rarely there.

The Manor makes up part of the Courthouse Complex, along with the Jail and Courthouse.

East Gate

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East Gate of Hydlaa

One of the two main entrances/exits to Hydlaa. It is often guarded by the able-bodied Moren Findel and Nevis Revori. If you head out the gate, and follow the Ojaveda Road, you eventually you will find the Dsar of Akkaio, one of many dsars that make up Ojaveda city.

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