Explorers Guild

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Explorers Guild
Founded: 2003
Leader: Mordaan Thakkar

The Explorers Guild is a gathering of people from all over Yliakum who love to seek out new and hidden places, to reach new heights and depths—people who desire to travel and see every detail of our world. We stand together to ensure the freedom of this journey, for each other and for all those living with a true spirit of exploration. The solitary soul can find shelter with our Guild, yet there is friendship and fun for those who seek it, and if you are ever lost or need a guide, look no further than the Explorers Guild.

In short, we’re here to see the world and have a blast doing it — together!


The Explorers Guild is one of the oldest active guilds in Yliakum. It was founded on May 11, 2003 by Havena Tanuviel. After Havena left for the ultimate exploration adventure, to reach the surface, Nilaya Kaeli led the guild until 2007 when she turned leadership over to Mordaan Thakkar.

The Explorers Guild is a true neutral guild, not only in alignment but also with regards to all other guilds in the realms of PlaneShift.


Our wish is simply to explore these lands freely, without being swept up in the latest quarrels and wars. We are fully neutral—no official allies nor enemies. We never directly interfere in the matters of other guilds. Any villain who would stand in our way will face not only our own passion, but the anger of many who recognize and honour our way.


The Guild is divided into six "folds," each with its own goals, values, and interests. Plus new members start out as Wanderers until they complete a series of tasks and earn full membership.

Fold members share a particular focus within our common bond of exploring — for example, the StrongArm is for warriors and anyone interested in exploring combat of every kind, while the Valiant Wing is for healers and those who would help people in need. Your fold will provide you with natural partners on your quests and adventures.

New Explorers start out as Wanderers which gives them an opportunity to meet other members of the guild and get acclimated. After a week or two, Wanderers are encouraged to complete a series of tasks and choose a fold to join. Some of those tasks are fold specific. Once completed and presented to a full member, Wanderers become full members. Explorers are free to change folds at any time, though most pick one and stick with that choice.

The Folds

  • Scouts - Teachers and masters of terrain
  • DepthSeekers - Treasure Hunters and Archaeologists
  • Starlight Hunters - Lightfooted Hunters who live for the chase
  • StrongArm - Warriors of the true nature
  • Artisans - Skilled Craftsmen
  • Valiant Wing - Protecting and healing those in danger