Laanx and Talad

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In the time before Yliakum, there existed two young gods, Laanx and Talad. They were beautiful, harmonious, and curious; always seeking to increase their knowledge and searching out new experiences with which to enrich their eternal lives. Laanx was a tall and perfectly shaped female with long, white hair as silky as the threads of a spider's web. Her lunar skin reflected any light into hypnotic patterns as alluring as her dancing, ruby-coloured eyes. A thin silver band clasped Laanx's left ankle. She was evanescent, cold and yet yielding, light and opalescent like the crystal's dawning.

Talad was like an ebony statue with powerful muscles and long, proportioned bones. Thick black curls cascaded down over his broad shoulders and down his back and a thick gold armlet was clasped around Talad's right bicep. Talad was solid, warm and determined, dense and as impulsive as a river of molten lava.

Guided by an ancient and powerful god, named Vodùl, god of future events, they discovered one quiet world, pierced by a crystal column full of magical power and mystery, quivering with azure energy. Together, they explored the depths of the rock until they came to where the majestic obelisk has its roots, an enormous stalactite of nearly solid rock.

There they discovered a rocky niche near the top of the stalactite that contained the luminous crystal that now gives life and energy to Yliakum. Though they did not understand what it was or how it came into being, Talad and Laanx realised the nature of the crystal and wanted to create a pleasant and harmonious domain filled with people to worship them. Other gods, older and more powerful than they, had warned them about great tasks they would have to perform and duties they would have to fulfill if they were to become worthy of the worship of mortal beings. Blinded by the possibility of creating a new world, the young gods Laanx and Talad did not take heed of the warnings. Instead, they immediately set about using their powers to enlarge the niche to create a huge cave comprised of eight levels.

They diverted the courses of the underground rivers to feed the fertile and rich land that they had placed on the rock to make it suitable for life. They used their powers to create and sustain an even air volume and pressure across all levels. Everything was made to host the people that Talad and Laanx wished to create, but the land was still empty. They became so absorbed in the creation of their world that at the time they were completely unaware of a huge maze of tunnels present in the crust of the world, later to be called the Stone Labyrinths, where other creatures were already lurking in the dark.