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Fishing is the ability to catch various types of fish from rivers and lakes. It is physically exhausting.

How to

  • Equip a Fishing Rod and Reel (Obtainable through merchants). Burdess Quirain can get you started with the basics of fishing. Find her just off the Hydlaa Plaza .
  • Search for a river or lake in the Wilderness (or ask people in the game).
  • Type in "/fish" or specifically "/fish carp" (or whatever you want to look for). Alternatively, with the tool in hand, you can right click the area and left click the 'use equipped tool' icon that is displayed. Pay attention to your system chat window; if the message 'you don't see a good place to fish' shows, then you are not in a fish-able spot.
  • Be patient: sometimes you have to cast your line very often in the same place in order to hook a fish.
  • Fishing increases your experience points even when you are not successful.

Finding Fish

Different types of fish inhabit different bodies of water. Try differing locations in the same body of water, as well, as there are often multiple types of fish in a particular lake or river. Asking other players for help can be a good idea, too.