Galeran Tarbius

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Galeran Tarbius was the leader of a Lemur group who created a clergy and faith based on the Book of Names written by Laanx. Galeran was a handsome young man endowed with endless charisma and with an overwhelming will power. Laanx was immediately interested in him and one day he appeared to him. When Laanx left Galeran, his eyes sparkled with mystic fury, and his body glittered of the chaotic power of raw magic.

Galeran had the power to transmit his fanaticism to the most possessed of his followers. In their opinion, Laanx was the god that had given new life to their race and therefore had the right to claim their lives whenever it was necessary. Galeran led the Lemur to Yliakum and there, they settled on the first level and began immediately to use their ancient knowledge to built an Iron Temple consecrated to Laanx.