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Big thanks to Karyuu for compiling the better part of this information and putting it into written word

Current policies and rules

Although we have the opinion that proper behaviour or the "rules of engagement" should be mostly covered by common sense, here's a list of links to the PlaneShift forums where we put down some these rules and guidelines. Because these rules may never be complete, final or perfect, this wiki only provides links to the forums (which are usually more up-to-date) to avoid confusion or you reading out-of-date information.

Any inappropriate behaviour towards a Game Master (cursing, lying, etc.) is strictly prohibited and severely punishable. To learn how you can contact Game Masters in the game or how to report inappropriate GM behaviour, please read the In-Game Support and Reporting Abuse thread.

The Players Policy (June 17, 2006) - Important information on naming and behavioural rules

In-game support - In-game support and reporting abuse

Yliakum FAQ (September 01, 2006) - Little FAQ concerning the setting and the world of PlaneShift

Account Sharing (June 07, 2006)

Overview - Where you can find everything related to rules, notifications and policies.

The GM team is made up of people from all over the world who have come together to make this game more enjoyable, and are responsible for helping players with their in-game issues. The GM team strives to keep the game free of bugs, exploitation, abuse, and harassment. With large numbers of people online, such problems arise now and again, and the Game Masters intervene when necessary.

The table shows the names of current Game Masters on the team, so that players are aware of who they can turn to for help and who they should definitely listen to if approached. As always, do not try to engage the GMs in idle chatter in the game, as they are often dealing with issues that need their full attention - only send them messages if you truly need help with a problem. They are closely monitored for their actions and at many times are very busy with player requests. When contacting a GM keep this in mind. A GM should not be constantly paged by a player asking for something - we consider this GM Harassment. If the Game Master has not answered you please assume they are busy and contact them later. Usually a few minutes should do.

What can a GM do for me?

  • Assist in keeping the player free from unwanted harassment.
  • Assist in reporting bugs found in the game.
  • Assist in providing feedback for new game functions or modifications to existing function.
  • Relocate players who are stuck in the game geography.
  • Assist in problems that are not covered by the FAQ or the /help channel.
  • Check for frequently hit bugs, errors or misleading game functions. Reporting bugs, problems and possible enhancement is a critical part of the GM work.
  • Encourage roleplay and other initiatives players may have, like creation of new guilds, roleplaying certain situations or characters, provide wedding services, etc.
  • Create and run dynamic quests and events in the game.

What can a GM not do for me?

It is the goal of the GM team to help a player with any possible situation as long as:

  • It does not involve giving "spoiler" information, such as detailed directions, quest information, or information on creatures, armour and weapons. Knowledge of these subjects is considered part of the "mystery" of the game. It is part of the game to adventure and learn the wonders of the world of Yliakum.
  • It does not create an exploitable situation. An example of this would be teleporting characters due to an unverifiable bug. GMs will not teleport players to a location, except in the case where there is a definite bug involved.
  • It would not constitute favouritism or compete with activities conducted by players in the game. For example, GMs will not give out items unless part of an RP quest or event. We cannot give items upon request for every player in the game, so it is unfair to do it for a few. This would also interfere with player economy and the worth of items.