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Lemur/Kran is the Common tongue used in modern times, and as such, will not have its own language.

Kran and Lemur languages are virtually identical. The reason for this is the nature of their creation by the Gods, and that they were only created 10 years apart. They then existed 300 years side by side, for the most part, negating the need for any deviation in speech. Some people say that this Lemur/Kran language is the Language of the Gods, and cite that as one of the main reasons it became the only language commonly used after the Temples were built.

All other languages fell into disuse after formation of the Octarchy and the decree of 451 AY. To the end of 5th century no racial languages were used except the Common.

However in last decades linguists and historians have made an attempt to resurrect the lost race languages. Their attempts were supported by number of racial groups within Ylaikum society, that desired to re-establish old racial cultures.