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Physical manifestations of magical energy, Glyphs are the base of every spell.

Books present in the in-game world related to magic and glyphs can be found here Books


After His appeals to Laanx were rejected, the God Talad's thoughts turned back to the people They had created, who were now living in Yliakum, the Kran and the Lemurs. In order to help them with some of the tasks that lay ahead, He took pure magical energy and forged it into shapes, each indicative of the power it bestowed, calling them 'Glyphs'.

Confusingly, a Powerful Glyph was used to create the Kran and the Lemur Races. The town of Hydlaa was later named after this Glyph. This Glyph was presumably created by Vodùl.


Glyphs appear as marks on very different materials, from a leaf to the fur of an animal, and usually on any type of rock.


Each Glyph has a specific power. Once it has been purified, it can be researched by a person of sufficient enough intelligence and skill with the hope of mastering a spell.

Glyphs can be combined to create more complex spells.

Each Glyph originates from one of the six ways:

Blue Brown
BlueWay.png BrownWay.png
Crystal   CrystalWay.png           DarkWay.png   Dark
AzureWay.png RedWay.png
Azure Red


There is a strong magical link between a wizard and his glyphs. When a wizard gains a new glyph, he/she/kra must purify it. This may take some time (hours or one day). After the purification process, a link is established and if the wizard dies the glyphs will be destroyed with him (or taken to the Death Realm with him).

A wizard can trade a glyph, but in this case the glyph can only be used by the other wizard after purifying it and creating a new magic link with it.

Once a wizard has one or more glyphs, he/she/kra studies them separately and in conjunction to find precisely what powers they may bestow.

For step-by-step instructions: Go to The Glyphs section of Players Guide/Magic.


A few basic Glyphs can be purchased from Levrus Dahrenn's Magic Shop, outside Hydlaa.
More powerful Glyphs can be achieved through questing.

In Character References

Lexicon.jpg In game, a number of books give details about the glyphs and magic. These books are spread across the many libraries and taverns, though many can be found in the famous Hydlaa Library owned by the Ylian Jayose:
  • History of Magic Vol. 1 The Birth
  • History of Magic Vol. 2 The Taming
  • History of Magic Vol. 3 The Invasion
  • History of Magic Vol. 4 The Heresy
  • History of Magic Vol. 5 The Ways
  • Journal of Pellas Quan
  • The Hydlaa Winch and You
  • The Operation of the Bronze Doors
  • The Secret of the Garden
  • This Sounds Familiar