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In PlaneShift, there are numerous Gods and Deities.

Books present in the in game world related to the Gods can be found here Books


Main Page: Laanx

Together with Talad, Laanx created the cave that is now Yliakum. Originally female, Laanx later denied her femininity after being disfigured. He also created the Lemurs.


Main Page: Talad

Together with Laanx, Talad created Yliakum. He created the Kran, but accidentally disfigured Laanx in the process.


Main Page: Vodùl

Known as the God of Future Events, Vodùl guided Laanx and Talad to discover the planet upon which Yliakum exists.


Main Page: Xiosia

Not much is known about this deity, except that she promotes harmony. She is often called the Great Mother.


Main Page: Dakkru

The Goddess of Death, not much is known about her. She curses anyone who escapes the Death Realm.

Black Flame

Main Page: Black Flame

Believed to be the part of Laanx that was torn away when he was disfigured, worship of this deity is forbidden.