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Gugrontid is the name of the home town of the Kran race.


After their creation the Kran set out to look for a site to settle. When they came to the place where their home town is located today, an enormous stalactite crashed down from the Dome ceiling and presumably buried a Kran named Gugrontid under itself. Then they noticed that the stalactite had a rich vein of Lumium, and they took that as a sign from Talad, whom they believed would lead them to their new home. The Kran made the top of the stalactite, a strategically ideal site, the core of their settlement and named it after their lost comrade. In the year 15 AY, the Keep of Gugrontid was built.

In 72 AY, the first Lemur caravan arrived, opening trade with the outside world. They brought fine potteries and textiles with them, but the city wasn't designed for outside visitors. When a Lemur trader fell to his death, the Kran knew they had to make their town more friendly for outside visitors, and they built a giant ramp leading up to the Keep. Crystals were also discovered nearby, which increased trade even more. Eventually a smaller village developed around the ramp.

A temple dedicated to Talad was also erected. It is a small temple, but the back wall is made from crystal.