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Harvesting is the ability to dig various plants and fruits out of the land. It is physically exhausting.

How to

  • Equip a harvesting tool (Axe, Sickle or Shovel. Obtainable through merchants and some quests).
  • Search for plant life in the Wilderness (or ask people in the game).
  • Type in "/harvest" or specifically "/harvest dandelion" (or whatever you want to look for). Alternatively, with the tool in hand, you can right click the area and left click the 'use equipped tool' icon that is displayed. Pay attention to your system chat window; if the message 'you don't see a good place to harvest' shows, then you are not in a harvest-able spot.
  • Be patient: sometimes you have to harvest very often in the same place in order to harvest a plant.
  • Harvesting for plants increases your experience points even when you are not successful.

Finding Plants

Various plant life is scattered all over the Yliakum wilderness along both roads. If you see gatherable plants in a field, that will indicate a good spot to try harvesting the same type of plants.

Other Info

Kaiman Jilatt often needs help harvesting plants for his sales orders. Find him on the Hydlaa Plaza if you wish to help out.