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The most important thing about a wiki is: You can change its contents by editing them:

Basically there are two different methods to do that:

1. Editing a whole article
can be done by clicking the button labeled "edit" in the tab bar above every article.
2. Editing a section
is possible by clicking another type of "edit" links that can be found to the right of every section heading. (If you don't yet know what a section heading looks like or is used for, no worries we'll come to that shortly.)

In both cases clicking the link results in a page loading showing a text box that contains the source code of the wiki page you wanted to change.

Once you are done with your changes it is recommended to use the button "Show preview" below the text box. That will reload the editing page with a preview of your changes above the editing box in case something is not perfect yet.

If you checked and everything seems in order you save your changes using the button "Save page". That done. Everyone else using the wiki can see your changes. If you want to try that right way you can edit the sandbox or

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