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Now let's have a look into formating text:

The most simple formats are bold and italic.

You achieve this by enclosing text between two respectively three apostrophes at a time. '''bold''' results in bold and ''italic'' becomes italic in wiki pages. Of course there is also the possibility to combine '''''bold & italic''''' to get bold & italic.

Using the asterisk (*) as first character of a new line generates bullet points , with a hash, or sharp sign (#) instead you'll get a numbered list:

* one,
* another one,
* and the last one
  • one,
  • another one,
  • and the last one
# first,
# second,
# third
  1. first,
  2. second,
  3. third

Using equal signs (=) you define a section heading: Enter text enclosed between two equal signs at a time results in a == Main section heading ==, such as

Main section heading

One more equal sign before and after the text, for example === Sub section heading ===, generates

Sub section heading

and so on: Sub subsection heading using four equal signs, ...

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