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One of the main features of the wiki software is the use of internal links - links to other pages or articles within the wiki. Suppose we want to link a reader to the main page. Then there are three different ways to implement such a link:

  • Simply put the article's name between double square brackets [[Main Page]] and you get Main Page
  • or you can use the pipe symbol (|) to give the link an alternate description like in [[Main Page|Surprise]], which results in: Surprise.
  • You can even point your reader to a certain section within an article when using [[Tutorial Walk Through#Orphia Eldri]]: Tutorial Walk Through#Orphia Eldri

if such a link remains red, that simply means that the article with the corresponding name has not yet been created. A click on such a red link will directly open an edit page for this article where you can enter text to create it.

External Links are all those that make use of a complete URL, whether they belong to this wiki or any other web site:

The PlaneShift logo

Integrating images is as easy because it's just a special kind of linking. If you want to link an external image you simply type its URL into the source. Thus results in: If an image needed is not yet available online you can upload it to PSWiki using this page

The syntax for integrating an internal (uploaded) image is [[Image:Filename.jpg]]. Further information on this topic can be found here. The image you see on the right results from the following source code [[Image:Psicon.png|thumb|The PlaneShift logo]].

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