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A means of getting some orderly system into the wiki chaos are the categories, a kind of thematic index, which articles can be grouped into.

The article that you are reading now, for example, belongs into the Category:WikiTutorial like the others parts of this tutorial that you probably read before.

For an article to be added to a certain category there's special kind of internal link: [[Category:WikiTutorial]]

This has the effect, that the surrounding article is listed in alphabetical order on the respective category page and that the article contains a link to this category page at the article's bottom. (See also below.)

Mind you, such an internal link does not create a link to the category page in the text! Only a categorization. If you want to truely link to a category page in your text, you have to add a leading colon to the link to "invalidate" it:

[[:Category:WikiTutorial]] becomes Category:WikiTutorial.

On principle one should add an article just created into one category at least. This ensures that the article can be found by other users no matter whether it is linked to from other articles or not. Sometimes, when an article is using a template (later more on that topic) this template will already categorize the page appropriately.

If you are experimenting with this feature in our Sandbox please make sure to undo any categorization so that other users won't be confused about the Sandbox showing up in an arbitrary category. - Thanks!

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