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How to Begin

To begin the herbal skill, visit Aleena Arlavin at her workshop atop the Tavern. You will be given the first of three herbal guides, Herbal Remedies, and asked to prepare two different recipes. As with all crafting, this book must be equipped in your mind slot during this quest; this may be done by opening up your inventory and dragging the book to the equipment slot that has a picture of a brain. As you advance, you will receive the rest of the herbal books.

Guide Books

Before you can craft herbal remedies, you need recipes to work from. There are three different books you will acquire as you progress in the herbal skill. See the main page, Herbal Books.


There are several tools that herbalists use. These tools are obtained through merchants, or as a reward for completing a quest. Different tools are available in different cites, so be sure to check what the merchants have to offer. See the main page, Herbal Tools.


There are other items you need to successfully complete recipes, but they are fixtures in various kitchens and other areas, and not items you can carry with you. Look for them in various cities. See the main page, Herbal Equipment.

Methods of Preparation

To begin making herbal recipes, you must first equip the proper book in the mind slot. To do this, open the inventory window and drag the desired book into the equipment slot that has a picture of a brain. After the proper book is equipped, you must equip a tool if one is necessary; most likely this will be something like putting a kitchen knife in one of your hands. Finally, all of the necessary ingredients must be placed in the proper piece of equipment. These steps are laid out in the recipes in the herbal guides.

Once the ingredients are placed in the proper piece of equipment, with the exception of a combination action, you must wait for time to pass to allow the ingredients to be processed. Just as it takes time to boil water and cut a plant up in real life, so too does it take time to do the same actions in PlaneShift.

Here are the various types of actions you may encounter:


  • Required equipment: any container
  • Required tool: none

When combining, place all ingredients in the same container, then press the "Combine items in container" button.


When cutting, a kitchen knife must be equipped in either hand, and each ingredient placed in a preparation table. Then press "Use" and allow the items to process.


When grinding ingredients, place in a mortar and pestle. Then press "Use" and allow the items to process.


  • Required equipment: Pot
  • Required tool: none

When heating, all ingredients must be placed in a pot and allowed to time to process.