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This Dialog enables the Player to Script a hired NPC to do tasks for the player or the guild.

Dialog is under construction (See Scriptable Entities Design).

TODO: Include picture and descriptions. Until created use text to describe whats planed to be included in this dialog.

Input/Output Elements

This dialog should contains the following input/output elements:

Display of current Hiring Fee

Updated display showing the fee for the current configured Hire. Hire fee should be calculated by a math script server side.

Display of Service type

Display the type of service this NPC was hired to do:

  • Guard
  • Merchant selling Player Items
  • Merchant selling Guild Items

Display of Working Hours

Display of time of day the NPC will start to work and when he will stop work.

Select Work Location

From predefined location

Selection of a location identified by the player through Scriptable Entities Design#Define Locations activity to be the working location for the NPC.

From current position

A button "Here" that defines a new work location for the hired NPC at the players position and angle.

Guard input/output

Select Guard Locations

If service is guard enable the user to select guard locations.

From predefined locations

Enable the player to select from a set of predefined guard positions.

From current position

With a Guard Location Here button enabling the player to create a new guard position using current player position.

Merchant Input/Output

Identify Items to Sell

For players:

  • 1. Version - Items to sell will be from storage.
  • 2. Version - Separate storage or crates in storage?

For guild:

  • 1. Version - Items to sell will be from a crate.

Script Hired NPC

Enable player to enter a Custom NPC Dialogue script.

Validate Script

Button to validate script. OK button will not be available before Custom NPC Dialogue script is valid.

OK Button

Button to confirm scripting of hiring.