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In Character is the term used for dialogue or action performed by the character and not the player. For example "Have you seen this strange person lately?" would be considered as In Character, whereas "Did you see yesterday's football match?" would not. Styles of speech can also determine whether something is In Character or Out Of Character. For example "Greetings sir, how has your day been?" would be considered In Character, whereas "Yo, wassup?" would not. The main language and style of Yliakum is Common, which is similar to contemporary English, without slang and texting abbreviations. Medieval accents are also acceptable, as well as speech defects or mistakes. For example "Greetingz zir, how haz zy day been?" would still be considered in character, but the "zy" might not be understood as a mis-said "thy" or "your".

Good In Character Language

Examples of vocabulary and language in a Common or acceptable medieval style:

  • Greetings sir, how has your day been?
  • Zounds, a rat! I will vanquish thee, my vile foe!

Bad In Character Language

Examples of unacceptable in-character dialogue:

  • Hey. Wassup?
  • Whoa. I'm gonna kick ass.