Iragdun Salikarios

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Iragdun Salikarios
Iragdun Salikarios
Race: Ylian
Gender: Male
Location: Hydlaa

This middle age man has deeply set and dark eyes. He seems completely at peace. His measured look speaks well of his intent and his power. A very large scar traces its way across his left eye, but does nothing to diminish the authority and strength of his presence.

Iragdun Salikarios is the Octarch for the Dome level of Yliakum. The Octarchs of other levels respect how well the Dome level is run. Octarch Salikarios lives in the Octarchal Residence of Hydlaa and has twenty Vigesimi serving under him, including Amidison Stronghand of Hydlaa, Datal Allavium of the Winch, Davikel Iramok of Gugrontid and Torkesyn Rabani of Ojaveda.