Iron Hand

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During the Fifth Epoch, a group of Lemurs, led by a young man named Galeran Tarbius, created a faith based around the Book of Names, supposedly written by Laanx. Galeran was blessed with endless charisma and willpower and was able to spread the fanatical religion of his group among others. He led the cult to Yliakum and, in Hydlaa, as a gift to Laanx, Lemurs build the Iron Temple.

It is here that since then the order of Laanx's Followers, called The Iron Hand, has its main headquarters. They are organized into five main groups called seats: Pryam, Noctar, Vestru, Ogam, and Sempter. Each has a specific function inside the order and all work in harmony to serve Laanx. Today, Laanx worship is the most popular religion in Hydlaa.