Iron Temple

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The Iron Temple of Laanx in Hydlaa

Laanx and the devout followers of Laanx have played a major role in the history of Hydlaa. In addition to the statue in the plaza, in fitting tribute they also erected a large temple. The Iron Temple of Laanx in Hydlaa was built by the Lemur people under the leadership of Galeran Tarbius after they settled on the first level of Yliakum in the Fifth Epoch. Galeran gave up his own life for the creation of the temple, and is still entombed in its walls. The temple houses the Book of Names, a tome that Laanx revealed to the young Galeran and is the backbone of Laanx worship today.

The temple also boasts spacious greens just to the east, and a large well within its walls.