Jjousk Carryt

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Jjousk Carryt
Jjousk Carryt
Race: Enkidukai
Gender: Male
Location: Hydlaa Arena

This young Enkidukai moves with effortless grace, each motion, especially of his arms, sure, smooth and precise. He is both taller and more slender than is normal for a male Enkidukai, but this slenderness leaves no impression that he is weak or unable to fend for himself. His eyes, with brilliant green irises, move quickly in their sockeets, often seeming to come to rest on things far away. A long bow, adorned in the Enkidukai fashion with many tribal markings, is slung on his back next to a wooden quiver filled with assorted arrows. Sometimes he reaches up to touch the fletching of one of them with his hand, as though reminding himself that they are still there.

Jjousk teaches the basics of bow making to any that wish to learn.