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KAs (Knowledge areas) are responses that NPCs can make when you ask them something in the free text box or using the /tellnpc command. KAs contain helpful information about a variety of subjects and are useful for helping you learn more about the game settings; descriptions and locations of characters, objects and places; and other aspects of the world of Yliakum.

How to use KAs

You can talk to an NPC either by typing /tellnpc [message] with the NPC targeted (this is the same as typing a message directly into the NPC chat with the NPC targeted) or by right-clicking on the NPC and the TALK/LIPS icon to bring up the chat-bubble interface and typing a message into the free text response bubble.

What can I ask about?

KAs consist of two main parts: the trigger(s) and the response(s). A trigger is the part of your message that directly matches a KA text, so keep messages as simple and straightforward as possible, no wild cards.

A trigger or triggers should take the following formats:

  • "About [topic1]. [topic2]. [topic3]", where fullstops/periods separate individual triggers. Possible topics include:
    • NPC name e.g. /tellnpc About Harnquist; /tellnpc About you

(The NPC will briefly introduce themselves or the NPC you specified.)

The message "About you" is typed into the free text response box.
The NPC responds with a brief self-introduction.
    • [skill] training e.g. /tellnpc About sword training

(The NPC will give you IC pointers about what degree of expertise they train and who you should see before and after them. There is no mention of specific numerical levels or how far you are from finishing/starting with the current/next trainer, but at least you will know who to go to next.)

  • "Give me training"

(The NPC will tell you generally what they train.)

To follow the KA discussion or give your suggestions for KA topics, visit this thread (game forum).