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A Kran


Physical Traits

Kran belong more to the mineral kingdom than to the animal one. This organism is the only one, amongst the known races, to be based on silicon instead of carbon. They appear in humanoid form, but made of rock. Their body color is derived from their parent, but also from their diet. The most typical colors are gray or black, looking like granite. They may also present colored veins different from individual to individual. Other mineral colors are turquoise, quartz, sandstone. Some rare Kran have a different colored skin, like white, azure or pink, which is highly appreciated by Kran. Their head is slightly lengthened at the top, without ears and nose. They were created in Yliakum and none of them has ever seen the light of a sun, other than the Crystal. Kran have no ears; they perceive sounds as vibrations on their bodies. They have no gender, there are no male or female Kran, they reproduce by gemmation.

Height: They are from 1.90 m to 2.10 m tall.
Eyes: They have infrared vision.
Hair: They have no hair.
Age: The Kran can live to around 150 years old before they grow still, and slowly crumble to dust.
Starting stats: Strength 94, Endurance 90, Agility 40, Intelligence 43, Will 43, Charisma 40.

Behaviour, Social Structure and Customs

They tend to organize themselves in the simplest way. They work together only when it is unavoidable, and try to avoid becoming friends with unknown peoples. Kran were created with an innate "community feeling", they sense a link with their kind and with every living thing, and they understand how to feed this link. It's a "sense", deeply rooted in their spirit, that gives them much satisfaction. For this reason they don't need to gather to feel "close" to other Kran, they simply are by nature.
They try to avoid mixing with other races, unless a long time has passed and the other race or group is very well known or respected. Some of their "good attitude" was heavily challenged after the pillage of Gugrontid in 329 AY. Wars, plagues, rebellions, as well as simple incidents made them suffer. After much of the early Yliakum history, Kran learned to stay distant and avoid growing connections with other living things, except in rare cases. Their attitude, however, can change a lot when someone is asking for help explicitly. They find it difficult to ignore the suffering of others and they often do all the good they can.
After the pillage of 329 AY there were cases of Kran dying without any injuries or illness. They simply went to sleep and never awoke. It still sometimes happens, scientists say it is because of emotional outbreaks or pain from some event. Only the bravest Kran enter completely in a community and unleash their "good attitude" toward a big group.
They gather under a chief and do what kra asks to survive, when needed, and they tend to be well coordinated with others. It seems that their "sense connection" helps them to communicate and understand each other and the other races, so their society is very simple structured. Leaders are created when needed, and orders are followed to survive.


Nearly all Kran are followers of Talad.

Abilities and fields of interest

  • Reproduction: The way in which they reproduce is incompatible with all other races; there are no half-breed Kran. They reproduce by gemmation. See also this book: Kran Bonding and Gemmation.
  • Underwater: Silicon still supports oxygen linkages, so Kran breathe much more slowly than other races, enabling them to happily breathe underwater.
  • Resistances: Since magic was created to act on different principles, it seems to have little effect on them. They are as resistant as the rock they were born from. This is also true for poison and diseases.
  • Silicon: The Kran are a very special race and are the only known race based on silicon instead of carbon. Since their skin is made of silicon, the Kran are very resistant to laceration but, lacking flexibility, are more easily damaged by bludgeoning weapons.



Due to a complex metabolism, the Kran are used to eating sand of various minerals that are digested in their stomach thanks to strong acids. They can also eat food full of mineral salts like seaweed and some crystals. Their kitchens are similar to chemical laboratories.


Klyros Ground Farm.jpg


They were made in Yliakum by Talad, they have no other homeworld.

Race history in Yliakum

10 AY - Kran were created by Talad
11 AY - Lemur and Kran established the small village of Tiroth (later became Hydlaa).
12 AY - Konroran's search - Konroran went in search of Laanx to deliver a statue kra created.
15 AY - The Gugrontid Keep was built - Aedaisti Beaut led the Kran in search of a place to build their own city. The Kran lived peacefully in their new place, avoiding wars if possible.
44 AY - The Temple of Talad was created in Gugrontid.
72 AY - The first Lemur caravan arrived at Gugrontid.
98 AY - The lower village in Gugrontid started to be populated.
101 AY - Lumium was discovered by Kran and made the village very rich thanks to trading.
115 AY - First contact was made with the Derghirs, another race based on minerals. Kran used them as food and the two races became enemies.
135 AY - A violent attack was perpetrated by the Derghirs at Gugrontid, killing many Kran. Derghirs migrated further from Gugrontid and established their own fortified town. Fights continued in the following years.
329 AY - Pillage of Gugrontid - The Enkidukai, at war with the Ylians, were in need of resources, since they were losing the war. A group of aggressive Enkidukai attacked Gugrontid and plundered it for three days.
331 AY - The Kran joined the war, siding with Ylians.
335 AY - A council was founded to rule Hydlaa, led by Pantel Firgal (Ylian),and Tutr Gholuk became part of it. The War ended.
370 AY - Pantel Firgal died, and left the position to Tutr Gholuk, with the promise that Pantel's child (Laen) would rule when an adult.
445 AY - Talad created a tremendous wave of heat that melted the secular rock of the walls of the first level and molded this rock in the name of his chosen people. Sector H.
445 AY - Ellon Roddot had a vision of the new Temple. Kra decided to have a pilgrimage in the Dome to gather kra's future adepts of Talad's cult.
447 AY - After 2 years Ellon and about 100 other Kran arrived at the Temple and populated it.
453 AY - The Dark Child - The Kran were an example of civilization and good will, making them an enemy of the ideology followed by the Blackflame. Blackflame seduced a Kran (Arrot Kudret) and kra organized a ritual to create a demon (Ssleesh) that spread displeasure, discord and doom.
460 AY - The Ostracism - The Kran discovered the follower of the Blackflame within them and ostracized kra. Kra was found dead a few months later, killed in the outlands.
482 AY - After two decades of darkness the Kran asked for help from Ellon and after much research kra found a way to capture Ssleesh and imprison it. This prison is in a sealed cave near Gugrontid. This time period was called the Years of the Child.
515 AY - A noted scientist in Gugrontid, Dakrok Urk, decided to study the daemon in secret, to find more about its origins. In kra's studies, kra was killed by the daemon aura dozens of times. Kra discovered the Death Realm was expanding and became even more interested with it.
536 AY - Dakrok Urk encountered the Diaboli in the Death Realm. Kra stayed in their city for some time to learn about the realm.
540 AY - Dakkru revealed herself to Dakrok, and kra started to spread the knowledge kra had gained in the Death Realm by traveling the whole Dome and telling everyone.
554 AY - Golden Stones - a group of Kran developed a passion for sculpturing and painting. This famous group was commissioned to create art all over Yliakum. When they finished their works they all returned to Gugrontid to gather.
560 AY - After many years of roaming the lands of Yliakum a large group of Kran settled on the third level, and founded a new city called Tokeggot.
562-582 AY - Kran of the third level did not want to submit to the Enkidukai Octarch and claimed the land. A few years of battles ensued.
590 AY - Peace was settled on the third level between Kran and Enkidukai.

Significant Person Tracking

Konroran - First Kran.
Aedaisti Beaut - Led the Kran to the place that would become Gugrontid.
Sulek Beaut - Author of Gugrontid history.
Tutr Gholuk - Second leader of Hydlaa, successor to Pantel, ruled for about 15 years.
Ellon Roddot - First high priest in the Temple of Talad.

Special Places

Main City : Gugrontid