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This page will contain a official list of words specific to the land of Yliakum along with their definitions. Please send me something in My Talk if you wish for me to add or modify something. For Creatures of Yliakum please see the appropriate page.
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The sixth month of the Yliakum calendar. It brings the Visions of the historic Seers to light as all People look to their past for guidance in their future.

Azure Sun
The Crystal that brings light to Yliakum is an enormous raw stone of purest transparency and analogous to the sapphire that hangs from the roof of the stalactite's internal cave.

Bronze Doors
Secured and guarded passages to the Stone Labyrinths. The nearest set of Bronze Doors to Hydlaa are the Eagle Bronze Doors.

Burial Wells
Holes in the ground in which dead bodies are dropped. No one is certain what happens to the bodies afterward.

The second month of the Yliakum calendar. The time of festivals and rejoicing as the many Peoples celebrate Ierefal, or The Coming.

Circles are a currency currency of Yliakum, equal to 250 Trias.

Council of Ways
Organization of skilled magic practitioners (anyone know more?)

Ruler of the Death Realm.

Death Realm
Destination for the strong-willed after death, a realm from which it is possible to return to the world of the living, provided one does not become hopelessly lost. In Steel Blue the Death Realm is very small, but it will be expanded later.

The first (top-most) level of Yliakum is known as The Dome.

The eighth month of the Yliakum calendar. Dwanden is marked by the annual formation of hoarfrost on the lower levels of Yliakum.

External Circle
The 160 Vigesimi who serve the Octarchs.

Title for a Kran, equivalent to Madam or Sir.

Gugrontid is the name of the home town of the Kran race.

Hexa are a currency currency of Yliakum, equal to 10 Trias.

h'oka pont
The h'oka pont is a three-stringed musical instrument that is popular with the Enkidukai.

The main city of Yliakum, named for Talad's most powerful glyph, the one used in the creation of the Kran. That act also caused the disfigurement of Laanx.

The time of festivals to celebrate and recognize the time when races began to appear in Yliakum.

Inner Circle
The eight Octarchs.

Pronoun for a Kran, equivalent to 'he' or 'she.' 'Kras' is used to indicate possessive, as with 'hers' and 'his'.

The fourth month of the Yliakum calendar. Kravaan is the peak of the year, with enhanced plant growth throughout.

Laanx is one of PlaneShift's Gods. He is sometimes called the Masquerade God, or the Masked God. The Iron Temple in Hydlaa is dedicated to Laanx.

Lumium is a valuable mineral that is plentiful around the Kran town of Gugrontid.

The ninth month of the Yliakum calendar. The cold month of Novari brings frigid temperatures in the beginning, but a slight warming trend late in the month.

Octa are a currency of Yliakum, equal to 50 Trias.

Octarchs are eight rulers who compromise the Inner Circle. Each is responsible for one level of Yliakum.

Ojaveda is the home city of the Enkidukai race within Yliakum.

A metal that does not deteriorate whatsoever.

The fifth month of the Yliakum calendar. It represents of the winding down of the crops' growth and festival planning.

Stone Labyrinths
A series of artificial and natural caves beyond the Bronze Doors.

Talad is one of the Gods in PlaneShift.

The third month of the Yliakum calendar. Tremen symbolizes the transition to watchfulness and personal growth.

Trias are the currency of Yliakum.

A broad tent, often used as a home in Ojaveda.

The first month of the Yliakum calendar. This month epitomizes the beginnings of life and represents the will needed to persevere.

Vigesimi are civil servants who oversee the law and civil order. They answer directly to the Octarchs, and together they compose the External Circle.

Vodùl is one of the Gods in PlaneShift. Vodùl is an ancient and powerful God, known as the God of Future Events.

The seventh month of the Yliakum calendar. Ylaaren is the end of Harvest and the time when Yliakum turns a bit cooler.

The tenth and final month of the Yliakum calendar. It signals the end of the cold season and the general warming of the climate in the cone.

A Lemur instrument that they play with their hands.