Lower Field

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3rd Far Ground
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5th Land's End
6th Lakeshore
7th Lower Field
8th The Deep

The seventh and penultimate level of Yliakum is known as the Lower Field.


The constant rising and falling of the lake floods the Lower Field on a regular basis. Travellers, particularly those who are non-amphibious, to the level are warned to be wary of the tide coming in quickly and without warning.


Lakeweed cultivation is the most common aspect of this partially underwater level. During periodic times of low water levels, the revealed land is covered in rich, silty bogs that form the base of many underwater crops when the water rises again.

Light fishing is tolerated, but is monitored heavily by the level's Octarch and his/her Vigesimi. Fish that are traded to the upper levels are farmed for such a purpose.

Inhabitating Races

A typical Nolthrir dwelling

The Nolthrir, an old elvish race who, it is believed, were seaweed farmers before coming to Yliakum, make their home in the waters of this level. Although initially building their houses on stilts above the waters, the Nolthrir have, over many generations, adapted to an amphibious lifestyle and now usually build underwater. That said, there are still some buildings, such as inns, that are still built well above the surface of the water.

Visitors to underwater dwellings can relax if they are not amphibious themselves - such houses often contain rooms with trapped air pockets to give offspring the chance to 'practice' breathing air in a controlled environment. These rooms can also be used to entertain guests.

Most Nolthrir tend the Lakeweed plantations that are abundant on this level, as well as farm the fish sold to the upper levels.