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  • Would be nice to spawn a pterosaur in the sky when a player travels. So other players can look up and see the pterosaur flying in the distance.


  • When does the "guarding" for an item expires? Is it when the character logs out? Check and post an update


  • When a person joins a guild, add the Guild tab to the chat window
  • Make the attack animation use the speed of the weapon, so damages dealt and animation match.
  • Add an NPC to make copies of guildhouse keys.


  • Try to increase the item wear out from 1/100 to 1/50 hits and see if it revives a bit the crafting economy. (it was 1/10 in the past)
  • Lower the knives delay a bit to differentiate from Daggers? 1.5 at the moment for both.


  • When you kill one NPC it automatically targets another if the other NPC is attacking you (example tribes reacting to attacks) and becomes very hard to loot and to cast healing spells on you before the next fight. Is there a solution for this?
  • Extend the rare metals crafting to other weapons and other metals (example tigrain steel). Start with an axe.
  • Crafting heavy armor... malus on agility and attack?


  • For the NPC sell window, gray out the categories in which the player has no items to sell, so it's quicker to identify what you can sell.


  • Have a way to stun monsters (magic or combat effect) to prevent them from running away (DONE)
  • Seeing the last login of another player to know if he still active or not. Forum thread will be opened by player on this
  • Review changes to armor defense values, seems now it's too low.


  • Add a message on screen when ranking up. And if possible add a option to display it or not.
  • Check about removing the scale from the Law Guildhouse, seems to take too much space.


  • Add a way to scale the quality of spell effects (CrystalSpace). Shader quality does not affect them atm.


  • Give practice points when fighting against another player (evaluate?) (DONE)
  • command to list all pets with their names


  • add one storage NPC to the arena (DONE)
  • check crafting animation on klyros female
  • check stats listed on crafted shields (protection), and other items.


  • Laanx Mind modifier to check, str removal too hard
  • food / food preparations seems to have mixed items
  • add $target in chat, like : Hi $target.


  • Make hammers lootable like other weapons. (are there others not lootable?)
  • Lower the weight of potions, at the moment is 1.5 lb each. (done)


  • Review loot modifiers and ensure buff to ways or other skills are even (example now there is a +20 to Dark and not to others)
  • Add the door entrance to Harnquist forge interior. Be sure to add furniture first.
  • Combining items may take time if you need to do it for dozens of items. Players say combining can be one of the longest tasks, but still gives no XP. Allowing multiple combines will make it more reasonable.
  • Add more description to plants, like smell, color, consistency, ...
  • Players are reporting bows modifiers seems to be different than other weapons.


  • Mining/harvesting practice points are given only on successfull attempts. Takes about 160 minutes to rank from lev 4 to lev 5. Can we give also to failures (will move to about 40 minutes). (DONE)
  • Bows are weaker compared to other weapons, we need to make them random lootable. (done)
  • Find a way to autostack when harvesting, the inventory becomes messed up otherwise. Can we autostack on 3 groups? like 100, 200, 300 Q ? Some players still like those to be separate.
  • Add a way to know cost and PP for next rank when training, before training it.


  • Mining/harvesting probability seems too low at the moment (fixed)
  • Cooking and fishes, can be expanded? (DONE)
  • Availability of glyphs, seems not really easy to find. More spells can be nice.
  • Can we find a way to duplicate guild keys? Like a NPC which gets the master key and creates other keys.
  • letting players destroy an item they have in the inventory and they don't want (example a pile of dust).


  • Ranged seems slower in progression. You can only use one hand, unlike other weapons, you need arrows, you seems to get exp only when hitting. (DONE)
  • Arrows needed seem too many, can be added to the loot to recover the arrow.
  • Add more information about the ring of familiar into the quest, so people know about training empathy
  • Pterosaur services take money automatically instead of asking the player
  • Poliuntri quest, where it give box and engraved dagger seems hard to follow, needs rework.
  • Check bank function and add an icon instead of use /bank command.
  • house rent for people meeting/gatherings. Can the government/NPC rent one for few hours with special keys?


  • mining at low ranks seems to hard, add more results in small quantities
  • can races have different progression based on their body traits?


  • Add time for consumption of food and potions (not 100 potions in a second) (DONE)
  • Check Narli and Lori, seems some players are not able to speak with them during day/night cycle.


  • Add one smith to BD, so people can train high ranks there
  • Male Nolthrir requested by players (DONE)
  • Lockable chests requested by players


  • Leather working is pretty popular, we should ensure there are enough tables. Will also be good to create a new model for the table.
  • Harnquist is crowded, move some forge out in the front area (or make an interior map).


  • Need for a "rename char" policy. How often? Any skills/stats reduction for that?
  • Red Crystal Den action location needs fixing to be aligned with the actual door.
  • Delta Blade icon disappears when starting to hammer the item. The item seems to have the same name.


  • Check seems to lock all baking
  • Ensure monsters drop skins/hides more often, to allow better leatherworking . Check balance between different hides.
  • think about implementing crafting sounds. Not too repetitive, can play it every 30 seconds or when a transform starts.
  • Check victory sound, is it always the same? it interrupts music. Can have a better fadein/fadeout ?


  • Import music from 3rd party has been requested again
  • Provide a web widget with online members of the guild, to be added to the guild web site.
  • Consider having NPCs repair basic armor/weapons ?
  • Too many notes still wrong at level rank 20 of musical instruments.