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Until now a couple of nouns have been made, more will come.

Elmerno - House
ur'do - dwarf
Ur'anael - Hammerwielder
Ur'onael - Stonebreaker
lemane - human
Kangler' - Ylian
Melaloni - Xacha
Menora - Elf
Nolthrir - Nolthrir
Delona - Dermorian
Daros - Klyros
Naer' - Ynnwn
Darthlaeth - Diaboli
Olami - Lemur
No - Kran
C'esti - Enkidukai
elo - man
elor - men
ela - woman
elar - women
derna - food
Fion - Wine
Laure - Mead
Sereg - Ale
Leitra - Tavern
arilear - child



For plurals, attach an 'r' at the end of the noun

If a word ends in a consonant or ', place an i at the end of the word.

If a word refers to a special item, as in the ynnwn or the house, place the word nal in front of the word.

An example of this would be:
nal elar (the women)
Another example:
nal delonar (the dermorians)

Other Phrases removed because they were stolen from The Grey Company.

These roleplaying aids created by the elves of the Grey Company. They are available for free download and usage by anyone wanting to role-play elves, but, as they represent years of effort by Grey Company elves, they must be kept intact and proper credit given.