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Yliakum is ruled by a group of officials known as the 'Circle of Octarchs', or the Inner Circle. Each Octarch is responsible for overseeing one of the eight levels of Yliakum, but it is important to note that the eight octarchal positions have not always been filled. Currently, for instance, the two lower levels are assigned to one Octarch only. The Octarchs make decisions that affect everyone who lives within their domain.

Each Octarch has twenty dignitaries known as Vigesimi who answer directly to them. Vigesimi are civil servants that deal with the law and civil order. There may be up to 160 Vigesimi, although there are usually fewer. They are known collectively as the External Circle.

During this time they evaluate all expenses and revenue of the previous year and attempt to deal with the various problems that have arisen since the previous meeting. Vigesimi normally come from the crafting guilds of each level and their position is hereditary. Nevertheless, it is not overly rare to see highly distinguished citizens elected due to popular acclaim, taking the place of Vigesimi who have died, are judged inept or are found guilty of thievery or other crimes.

At the beginning of every season, the Vigesimi of a level gather for a meeting, usually directed by the Octarch personally. During these short meetings the members of the External Circle can elect a new Octarch if the current one has died or is near death. An Octarch cannot be removed; nevertheless in some cases the Octarch has been assassinated because they were too cruel, inept or dishonest. One of the most famous cases is that of Fertedian Dalko, Octarch of the fourth level, who was tied to a hypnotised Megaras and sent straight towards the Crystal.

The current Octarch of The Dome is Iragdun Salikarios.