Ojavedan Plague

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The Plague that has swept through the Enkidukai city of Ojaveda is extremely contagious, thus the Octarchy have quarantined Ojaveda. Since the beginning of the plague two of the Dsars have safely reopened.

Symptoms include discoloration of the fur, loss of fur, painful cough, and an extremely high fever that roasts the patient to death. There is no known cure for the plague, and all victims die true death. See below for a more detailed description.

Referred to by the Enkidukai as 'The Burning’, this vicious plague of unknown origin afflicts only the Enkidukai race. Among them, the Sarraghi pack is most susceptible. There is no known cure, and the Dsar Sarraghi sector of Ojaveda remains quarantined to prevent the spread of the terrible disease.

Stages of Progression

Within hours of contact with one who carries it, an Enkidukai can expect to see spreading patches of mottled fur that soon begins to fall out, leaving large ugly patches of bared flesh. Up to this stage, the disease is not infectious.

Several days later, however, the victim begins coughing, which seems to be the predominant mode of spreading the disease. It should be noted that distance matters a great deal when the coughing strikes. It is easier to become infected when close to, or downwind from, an infected person. Coughing may last from a few days to several weeks.

The next phase — the fever that gives the plague its nickname — is quick and brutal. From what little is known, once the fever strikes, it is more merciful to end the poor soul's life right then, for True Death is assured. As the body has been weakened during the coughing time, the fever begins to roast the victim from the inside out. Black and angry-looking pustules can be seen in the bare patches of flesh. The fever itself only lasts a few agonising days, leaving the desperate victim panting and gasping for air, often succumbing to periods of dreaming madness. Within a matter of days, the end at last arrives.