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Out of Character or OOC refers to any dialogue or action performed as the player and not as the character. In order to avoid speaking or acting OOCly, a player must understand what it means to be In Character, or IC. OOC speech includes any mention of game mechanics, real-life events or persons, slang, texting abbreviations, emoticons, and so on, for example: lol, haxxor, ;P, lagging, l33t, "d00d why's my screen black?", etc.

PlaneShift is an immersive roleplaying experience, and all players are expected to respect this. When speaking in the Main chat window, it is etiquette to maintain a distinction between how a character living in Yliakum would respond to a situation, and how the player sitting at the computer would respond. When a player is logged on as a character, they are expected to speak only as their character at all times. OOC speech should be restricted to a minimum in Main chat, and even then put between square brackets or parentheses, as in: [Can you help me please - why is my screen black?]

Dialogue in other channels, such as /tell, Group, Alliance and Guild, is generally OOC, but conventions on this can vary, so tread lightly and ask the other players about any group rules. Respect and understanding is expected of all players. Communication in the Help channel and /petition to a GM are always OOC.