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PlaneShift SkunkWorks is a team of free-thinkers devoted to the future of the open source online roleplaying game PlaneShift. We are a team removed from the system so that we can think out-of-the-box. Our sole purpose is innovative development.


Organize the hundreds of suggestions created by people on forums/bugtracker/ingame comments and come up with solid proposals on specific areas to improve.


There is no guarantee the suggestions presented here will be implemented by the PlaneShift team. But if it's a good proposal there are good chances.


A collaborative editing site, this wiki, is the best way to allow everyone to edit and contribute.

Suggested list of areas to improve

Possible problems to investigate:

  • Has been mentioned to have too much text
  • Has been mentioned to be too boring
  • Has been mentioned to contain outdated information
  • Has been mentioned to teach only part of what's needed in game

Please verify those claims and propose an improvement.

- Results of an earlier discussion can be found on here.

Possible problems to investigate:
.... to be detailed

Fun factor
Possible problems to investigate:
.... to be detailed

Roleplay focus
Possible problems to investigate:
.... to be detailed

After all this time, we still lack good translations of the help and common GUI. The translation project can be found here.