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There are three requirements to contribute to these pages:

1) Be a fluent english speaker

2) Be a native speaker of one of the languages below

3) Know the game well

If you have the requirements above, please help your countrymen by helping us produce a language file for your language.

A language file is just a list of words and phrases in English which then each have a corresponding word/phrase in the other language. Add to this and help correct each other's spelling and let's get your language in-game!

These list out all the prompts and buttons used in the game, but no text sent by the server will be translated. So NPC's talking, quests, system messages and the like will all still be in English. Hopefully, translating the GUI will be helpful to many people though. If you want to create a new language, just create a page here and copy/paste the string table from the Default page.

Please note that the game automatically writes your lang\ directory files updating it with new strings it finds. We will do our best to keep the Default updated.


Transifex project (unofficial)

Note that you can translate PlaneShift in a more modern way: Unofficial community translation project on Transifex.

You could read more about it in this forum thread.