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The addition of voice overs has been stopped.

The current PlaneShift release allows Non Player Character voices. The NPCs can greet and speak with players using real voices.

We want as first step to have the tutorial completely voiced and greetings of all NPCs in game.

We may or may not use accents depending on availability of voice donors, anyway some accents can be made up, and that’s ok.

Accents by race:

NOTE: a voiceover is better than no voiceover. So the list below is what we would like to have, but we can still use just your voice for any character.

  • Ylian: American English/Southern
  • Nolthrir: Spanish (fallback italian)
  • Dermorian: French
  • Stonebreaker/Hammerwielder: Scottish/Irish (fallback german or russian)
  • Ynnwn: Eastern European/Russian (male sample female sample) (fallback german or scottish/irish)
  • Kran: American English but run through a metallic filter (fallback american english)
  • Klyros: Italian
  • Enkidukai: Arabic

Races not yet used in game:

  • Lemur: ??
  • Diaboli: ??

Should we use indian, chinese or japanese? Those are pretty recognizeable.

For instructions on how to record a voiceover please click here.

How to make an accent?

Well, it's better if you are from the specific country, but some accents can be faked.

Here is a great resource of accents all over the world. We should select the best clips and add it to the list above.

Also if you think you have an accent record it!

How to pronounce special names and locations

Here is a short clip on how I (Luca) pronounce the names of races and few places. If you do a voiceover will be good to use those.

Names pronunciation

Tutorial voiceover

The tutorial has been improved with some small but important changes, and we need to re-record the voices to follow the new text for the following NPCs.

Please read the transcripts and submit your samples.

Abelia: Ynnwn female ( full Abelia transcript ) DONE! by VideoSymphony

Naeve: Hammerwielder female ( full Naeve transcript ) DONE! by PS player

Ibhaar: Ynnwn male ( full Ibhaar transcript ) DONE! by VideoSymphony

Orphia: Dermorian female ( full Orphia transcript ) DONE! edited old voice

Xargon: Klyros male ( full Xargon transcript ) DONE! by PS devs

Xenak: Klyros male ( full Xenak transcript ) DONE! by PS devs

Please sign up and discuss about it here.

To submit a sample of your voice, please use this page. We will contact you soon!


We want to have the greetings and goodbyes recorded for all our NPCs.

To find out the phrases they use do the following:

  • install the game!
  • log in game and choose one NPC
  • click on him, then go to the chat windows, and select the NPC tab, and type "Hi". he will answer with some text.
  • Retype "Hi" few times and he will probably answer with different phrases (usually there are 1-3).
  • Record the audio for the phrases you got.
  • accents as above. upload as above.
  • Edit this page and type in the NPC name you recorded, so others will know that's done already.
  • Do the same with "goodbye", most NPC miss the "goodbye", so you will most likely get a standard answer taken from the general response database.