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This page serves as wish list and place to see where work needs to be done.

Article maintenance



Articles to be created from scratch



Articles to be converted from a given source



Outdated or brief articles that need some attention

  1. PSwiki:General_disclaimer (automatically linked to from each and every page)
  2. PSwiki:About (automatically linked to from each and every page)
  3. PSwiki:Privacy_policy (automatically linked to from each and every page)
  • For a list of pages that are linked to, but do not yet exist, see also Wanted Pages list
  • make sure we have no more orphened pages
  • make sure all newly created pages are in some type of category Special:Uncategorizedpages Do NOT make a category for a single page just to have it in a category, try to make broad topic categories so that many pages will fit.
The following documents from the official PS site: (please add any more)
  1. => Commands and Keyboard Controls
    all links from this page need to be converted and all links to these pages need to be updated (mostly in ch 2)
    • Conversion of Chapters A1 and A9 are complete
    • A Full list (minus GM commands) can be found at Ingame Help, already.

The following forum threads would be nice additions to the wiki: (please add any more)

  1. (as Guild )
  • Update gui images for the next release due to changes to font scaling many gui parts will/have been changed for the release and new images need to be updated. See Category:GUI
  • Update the wiki for changes that came out in Steel Blue and Arcane Chrysalis
  • Check images: some images have been known to fail to produce a thumbnail. If you should find one, please allocate to Category:PreviewFail. If you find an image residing in this category that has decided to behave, please de-allocate it.

Tasks requiring special privileges



Tasks that can be done by a sysop



Requests to a bureaucrat

Consider writing to the user talk page in urgent cases



Notepad for tasks that someone with access to the MediaWiki installation ought to do one day.

General tasks
Special requests
  • The item "Creatures" appears twice in the "Wiki Gameplay Documents" section on the wiki's Main Page. May we have one of them removed? (The second, preferably, to keep alphabetical order.) Thanks. - Ethryn 17:20, 8 April 2013 (CEST)
  • Resolve why some images don't produce thumbnails; error example: "Error creating thumbnail: convert: unable to open image `/var/www/html/pswiki/images/thumb/8/88/Coamti.jpg/120px-Coamti.jpg': Permission denied." See Category:PreviewFail
  • none